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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 26 Nov 2007

Not too sure about that headline but it’s the best I can do. I put my mind on standby this weekend, and it seems as if it’s running on Microsoft Windows so it is bound to shut down, stall and generally cause mayhem, so do forgive me.

“Milk?” Was the first thing I heard this morning.

“TIT!” I shouted.

It was supposed to be something about milk in my tea but when I hear milk I just think jugs. If you know where I’m at right now in my mind, congratulations, you are a special person for understanding me and the movies I watch.

Heard more stories about the FTV smash up. Apparently it got so bad(Not me, other people) that someone bought a double tequila and orange juice. Who does that?!

The Sunday Times is now $600000 in Zimbabwe. Or about 9 ZAR. Interesting…

Quote of the week overheard at Tiger Tiger: “Sorry are you famous?”


“Well then please leave I don’t want to speak to you”

Smashed up the Twenty Brand party at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock on Friday night. Flash Republic are better than I originally thought, not having listened to them all that much. Tamara Dey and Ryan Dent ripped it up and Tamara’s stage presence is quite awesome, it was so great seeing them. Partied there until about 2am with the girls and boys. Beautiful people everywhere, we could definitely have done worse than go to that party.

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Tamara Dey and Ryan Dent as Flash Republic


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The girls played naughty with us at the Old Biscuit Mill

Went to Ignite last night where I met another Sean who is writing a book of sorts, not too sure what it’s about as he is not allowed to divulge any information on it, but he is currently savouring the Cape Town lifestyle. Welcome Sean! Enjoy the city, it’s good. Sometimes I think it’s too good, if that’s at all possible.

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Sean the book writer, the SLXS co-anchor Britter, and Gary. See Gary in House & Leisure, page 69.

Remind me to tell you about my plans to turn Robben Islands R25 million rand loss last year into a billion dollar profit. My plans are not exactly legal, but if we can just suspend reality for a moment, it could work.

Roger Goode was at Ignite last night. My first thought was “Oh no not The Rog!”

Goldfish also played last night which is never a bad thing.

Got a flyer from Ben Peters of Plush(Ben’s brother Dominic is from GOLDFISH, not a bad music vibe in that family then!) and their launch party for the album “Rage On” is happening at Tiger Tiger nightclub this Friday the 30th of November from 8pm or 20:00 if you are a stickler for that time theme. Visit the Plush website HERE.

Co-anchor Britter was out last night after having a Saturday dinner with some guys who you might remember. You would never be able to guess who they are though. They are singers. Such a strange story!

The world is progressing at such a rapid rate at the moment that it seems man has stepped foot on the moon. It’s mental! And nobody is even making that big a deal of it! Read HERE and have your mind shattered. The guy guy who walked on the moon is none other than Neil Armstrong. And it seems like just the other day that he won 7 Tour de France titles, is there anything the man cannot do?

Then I was looking at buying shares in this thing called “Google” which is on the internet machine. It’s not a bad start up and I think it might have potential so you should have a look at it.

The weekend was definitely chilled like it was on a bed of ice. Reminds me of Chaz Michael Michaels from Blades of Glory, “Sex on ice” In fact I might just watch that now. If only to listen to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing “Time to say goodbye” That song, combined with the incense, Bing Bong, my zen garden(I found one) and this ginger tea will have me more chilled than the Arctic, I’m sure of it.Bing Bong is LOVING the zen garden.

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Enjoys it

As I drift off into some sort of Feng Shui/zen type of feel, I will think of more to write, but that’s it for now.

Sean Lloyd