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What did SLXS do today?

I feel like the worst person in the world. I was supposed to stay in and type up an article on mountain biking in Tokai forest, and instead I went to the beach. It’s just that…the beach was GLORIOUS! The co-anchor put in the morning call saying we should hit the beach, and when the co-anchor speaks I listen. Because she knows what is good in Cape Town. And she was right.

It was a little bit bizarre though as about 100 school kids were all over the beach when we arrived. It was some “Survivor” style school outing and they were building all sorts of sand castles on the beach. I wish I was a kid again! Life is so simple for them…

Then we had the small problem of a bit of wind, which had sand blowing in my ears, eyes and nose. Charming. The sand also scoured nicely with my phone, digital camera and iPod. Definitely not the ideal situation.

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It’s actually ridiculously hot these days and I was wearing SPF 25, and still managed to go a darker shade. I mean I am of Greek God Adonis descent, so my natural skin colour is of course a coppery/bronzy type of sheen.

I am now sitting at the computer PUNISHING some spring water, which is so good. I was quite parched from lying in the sun all day doing absolutely nothing.

While we were at the beach Britter read a “book” I’m not too clued up on the words “book” and “read” I should have learned to read in school. In fact I should have probably also learned to read when I studied something called “Journalism” Now all I can do is write, but I can’t read what I’m writing. It’s all very odd.

I’m so tired from doing nothing today, so I have just banged Blades of Glory into the DVD player as inspiration.

Get out of my face… “I’ll get inside your face”

Watch it, it is a movie of spectacular quality with some beautiful one liners.

I think tomorrow I actually do have something to do. Something about an interview at a coffee shop. There is also some other interview, I heard the word Google being thrown around. I don’t know. As I say, I’m not too awake at the moment, so I will have to double check my plans and ask Britter what is happening. Because I only have half a brain, and need help getting through the day. Sixty percent of the time half of my brain works…everytime. Which means I’m pretty much running on a quarter of a brain.

Now isn’t that astonishing?

Sean Lloyd

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