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SLXS XcluSive photos of Green Point Stadium

I can actually say that no one else has these photos- Because I took them! The things I do to entertain the masses are astounding.

I also hope you enjoyed what I did with the previous few posts. Those readers familiar with the movie Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy, might have noticed the Anchorman theme I have been going with. That is because I received my copy of Anchorman the other day and I have been watching it all day for a few days in a row now. It really is great. Anyway I also hope you like it how I interviewed myself, I thought that was extremely clever. I promote myself and my website on my own website, which is quite stupid. But I enjoyed it. Anyway, back to this post:

While I was happy with the other photos I took of the stadium, something was missing. I have the entire of Cape Town at my disposal and I was not being excessive enough. The very thought of me not doing things to the maximum excess left me a little worried that my readers would leave me.

All of this made me nervous and I needed a pilot to get me into the sky, fast. Obviously I don’t have all day to make phone calls, and so Charlie V gave Terry Redman a call, to see if we could be airborne before the week closed. Terry obliged(As people do when the SLXS phone call is made) and before I knew it I was at Cape Town International! While all the regular people come into the airport and take a left turn to go the the aeroplanes, we took a right turn to go to the hangers where all the choppers are kept.

While most phone calls are mundane, this one actually got us into the air which was spectacular.

We were met by Terry and I was expecting a white T-shirt, Aviators and a leather jacket. Then I realised we were there to fly a helicopter and not a jet like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Terry was dressed like an ordinary person. We quickly jumped in the yellow Bell Jetranger. I’m sure we could have flown in a regular coloured helicopter, but I think Terry might have known that we were the home of excess and we would only settle for something completely crazy and loud. Yellow as a colour is LOUD. There were other regular coloured helicopters, but yellow is quite excessive and quite suits me actually.

Flying in a chopper around Cape Town suited me fine, and I was happy that this would be counting as work. We took off and flew over my house, then we just cruised from there. We went over Cavendish shopping centre, past Newlands rugby stadium, over UCT (University of Cape Town) and from there it was into the centre of town, over The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Then from there we sped along past Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandudno, Dungeons and into Hout Bay. Then through Tokai, Constantia and eventually we made our way back to the airport.

It was also interesting because to chat to the people in the chopper, you wear a headset(Like a real pilot!) and then through there you can hear everyone, including the air traffic people. It’s fascinating to hear how they talk and their warnings of other planes in the area that you should watch out for. Quite an intense job, way too intense for me! Imagine having the lives of thousands of people in your hands everyday? That is stressful.

It is the most fun you can have in Cape Town! There is nothing like seeing the city of excess from up where the birds fly. Flying over Clifton I was wishing that it was summer and I had some binoculars. The sight of the beaches had me longing for summer, and it will be here soon enough! It’s quite crazy that we will then go from helicopters to yachts and sailing boats and other watercraft. SLXS are going to play so hard this summer in Cape Town, even I can’t believe it. It’s actually way too much to even consider right now, so I won’t consider it just yet.
I’m not going into too much detail in this post, but I hope you enjoy the photos. More to come over the next few weeks from all the places we visited.

Thanks to Terry Redman for piloting us safely around our city, I had a fantastic time. We will definitely do it again, it’s quite a worthwhile endeavour to see this city from up top. It will blow your mind. I can’t believe I live in Cape Town!

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It’s a fact: It’s the most beautiful city in the world!


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Robben Island in the background to the left


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A few cranes at work


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It’s a pity the golf course(Bottom of photo) also has to go


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How cool are SLXS to get these photos?


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Signal Hill in the front is the spot from where our previous photos were taken. How we get around.


Sean Lloyd



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