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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 29 Sep 2009

Just a current look at the Green Point Stadium. The majority of you won’t know why this is being built, but I’m on the cutting edge of breaking news!


22 September 2009 progress, nice! Click here for high resolution

South Africa just won the bid to host a World Cup, where guys will be playing soccer! Apparently they just kick a ball around, and then try and get that ball go into a net. It sounds very intriguing. I knew you’d love that.

There are quite a lot of photos on the City Of Cape Town website, just click here to check the rest.

(Thanks Rashiq)


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its looking really good, think its gonna be such a killer staduim when its done. Hope they dont break down newlands though!

October 01 2009 11:47 am Sean Lloyd Website

I know it's going to suck if they demolish Newlands...for what? Some stupid apartment building or office building...vomit...

yip, lank gay!! Why dont they just let the soccer teams play there matchs there and we keep newlands as our main rugby stadium? Seems fair, fuck the offices and apartments! there is enough in claremont/newlands already! overcrowding sucks! hahhahahaa

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