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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 May 2009

I was reading quite an amusing article in the You magazine (Don’t ask)  this afternoon concerning George Michael and his little four week trip to Cape Town. Apparently George Michael arrived in South Africa about five weeks ago, and no one even really noticed. He took a weeks break in a lodge near The Kruger National Park, and then shimmied his way to Cape Town to stay in a R75 million mansion in Clifton.

It’s one of the reason celebrities love Cape Town so much, because we don’t really care how much money or how famous these celebrities really are. We’ve got Cape Town and that’s more than enough for us! But it’s cool to have all the celebs cruising in to come check out what we’re up to (Nothing really…chilling)

So this Nettleton Road villa in Cape Town is fairly phenomenal, and comes in at a phenomenal price. I’m basing this on the photo provided in You magazine, and because I know Cape Town SO well, I immediately knew which villa it was. This villa in Clifton is currently going for around R40000 per night. In summer you’re looking at rates ranging from around R60000 to around R105000 per night.

nettleton 1

nettleton evening

nettleton romantic


nettleton villa day

And for the 2010 World Cup? They’re asking nearly R400000 per night.

Yeah, that’s the type of cash that Cape Town merely plays with! Come on, it’s a small price to pay for this lifestyle.

But you want to live the dream don’t you? You want to hang out with us, don’t you? Well it’s going to cost something. Looking is for free, but touching…that’ll cost you something!

Imagine living there? Rain soaked winter nights filled with HOUSE PARTIES! Sun drenched summer days filled with HOUSE PARTIES! You’d never even need to try and come right, coming right actually jsut comes standard with that place. It’s why people become rich, for easy hook ups.

“Hi” You say to a lady.

“Hi there” She says.

“I…live…in a R75 million villa in Nettleton Road and…”

“How many kids do you want?” She’ll interrupt.

“None” You’ll say.

“No strings attached raucous nights?” She’ll purr.

“Of course”

You’ll hop into your Pagani Zonda and completely OWN the night. I like the sound of that.

Some people dream of coming to this city their whole lives, and we’re already here!

You do know how lucky you are, don’t you? I think you do! You should be seducing yourself right now.

I’m seducing myself. Barry White. Lionel Richie.

Do it to me one more time

I love you. xxx

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Sean Lloyd


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