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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 May 2009

I must be honest, our Joburg boys sure know how to choose cars! While Cape Town buggers around with Phantoms, Ferraris and Lambos, the Joburg guys go “Oh let’s take the piss!” and roll out in a Pagani Zonda. We were on a peace keeping mission in Joburg (For the greater good of mankind) and at once needed a place to crash, so we looked for the cheapest accomodation we could and rocked into the Michelangelo in Sandton. Apparently it’s 5 star.

Is that good?

So anyway, check the Zonda. Now I’m not sure whose car it is, but I like! I’m not sure of costing, someone said around R10 million, but I’m really not sure as I haven’t been looking if I must be completely honest with you (Liars get Danny K tracks pumped into their ears for eternity)

zonda joburg


pagani zonda bonnet


joburg pagani zonda




pagani zonda in joburg

A Bentley quietly chilling in the background

Big up to Joburg though, do any of you guys drive cheap cars? No?

Thought not judging by what was seen.

Crisis! I love it!

“So hows the recession treating Joburg?” I ask around the braai.

“Hey? I don’t understand the question”


And just in case you are in fact in love with the Pagani Zonda, I’ll give one away. If we help each other out here.

Go from Zero to Hero at

Seriously, we’ll go crazy. It’ll be a sexual joyride.$1 to touch it while I touch your toes.

$2 to touch it while you touch my toes.

You get the picture. Let’s win this bad boy.

Sean Lloyd



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Rory Reply

Think Lolly Jackson has a Zonda. Could be his

Rodger Sandrino Reply

What are you saying sir?

Is there a competition where I can win such a wonderous motor?

Please, do tell us more…

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey Rodger

If you win the R320 odd million rand in the EuroLottery above, you will more than pay for a Zonda, so I think it’s better!

But no spice…If I win the R320 odd million, I’ll give away a Zonda right here.

True story!

Mitch — Yeah I saw he owns one, will check your other link out now, shot bud.

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[...] hop into your Pagani Zonda and completely OWN the night. I like the sound of [...]

its zunaid moti pigani

Talha Website Reply

yes you are right he also owns a merc slr a konniegsegg a lambo lp670

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