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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 18 Mar 2011

I’m reading a fascinating book at the moment called ‘Born To Run’ and it’s about a hidden tribe of super runners called the Tarahumara, and it’s mind blowing. Devoid of modern technology and sports equipment, these people are the best runners on the planet. It’s an interesting look into how we’re affected by marketing and advertising, brands telling us to wear these shoes, and monitor our heart rate, and take this energy sachet and this recovery shake. I’ve long believed you don’t need any of that, and I was fascinated by a mate of mine that did a 3:30 Argus on Sunday having only done 200km in training. It’s phenomenal what our bodies can do, and how our minds limit our bodies based often on what marketing has us believe. We think compression socks will help us, and really what they do is help us mentally. Every bit of equipment we as athletes use is basically based on the placebo effect. Sure, a lightweight bike does help, but how is it possible that non professional cyclists, who have full time jobs, and ride sub standard bikes, can easily do close to 3 hour times on the Argus?

And how can one of the Tarahumara run 435 miles in around 48 hours, with no scientific diet, and absolutely no modern day running equipment? Check it out:

That is phenomenal.

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