0 Comments The Mercedes Benz F800 With Fuel Consumption Of 2.9l per 100km

Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 16 Mar 2011

mercedes benz f800

I’ve been waiting a long time for the days of cars like this Mercedes, offering you looks that will get you boy band amounts of ass, while at the same time using a fraction of the fuel that today’s cars use. I’m just putting this out there (Thanks to The Secret), that I want to be one of the first people to drive this car when it comes out. It’s very space age and slick, and I can definitely see myself cruising past cyclists on this bad boy, without even a worry about the planet! Check this BEAST out:

You know how cyclists go on about how ‘green’ they are? Have you ever seen how much those okes eat? They eat at least two to three times the amount I do, every day. All that food needs to me grown and delivered to them, so when you look at an overall carbon footprint of theirs vs a car that uses 2.9l per 100km’s, you will see that cyclists lose. I mean, how many flippen GU sachets and protein shakes and electrolyte drinks did they use on the Argus on Sunday? Now think about it, you could use all of that, or just use 2.9l of petrol to complete the entire Argus (In your car that looks like SEX), and you wouldn’t need to eat half a wheat field and the ass end of a cow afterwards, because you don’t get that hungry from driving, why? Because you’re doing nothing, it’s marvelous!

And yes, I did just use the world marvelous.

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