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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 22 Feb 2011

I first spotted this over at, and couldn’t believe I hadn’t spotted it yet, because I’m always looking at the awesome stuff Red Bull gets up to. But other than the Red Bull Stratos Project, which is pushing the levels of insanity, this is their other crazy project.

I can’t imagine the mindset those guys need to be in to do that stuff, or the lives they have lived to get to that single moment…dropping off choppers and cutting through the snow in the most extreme conditions ever. It’s just insane, and I’d love to see some background history on these guys, almost like a lead up to that point in their lives, with interviews and clips of past endeavours. I should have become a documentary maker, I LOVE this sort of stuff, for the insanity of it all, but also for the visuals that the team deliver us. Here is the Red Bull Art Of Flight:

There is nothing further that I have to say, I think we all need some silence now.

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