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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 20 Jan 2011

So the basic fact is, I am an amazing individual!

So amazing that I get to spend a lot of my time meandering about town in various disguises and under various aliases for many reasons, business and absolute pleasure included. As such, I often find myself trying on a decadent range of clothing, some cheap, some expensive, some good quality, some crap quality. For every 50 pieces I try on though, I only probably buy one because I’m so specific about style, fit and price. They all need to be perfect. And so there are some things I don’t buy, but that are still really great items of clothing and I think you need to know about them. So I’m here as a substitute for you because either you don’t have the time or you simply don’t always spot the things I do. I am your Change Room Superhero!

First up, Esprit in Cavendish Square. Their t-shirts are killer, but don’t buy them because I do, and I don’t want to see someone else wearing the same t-shirt as me! I didn’t buy these AWESOME shorts though because they didn’t quite fit me right.

esprit check pants

esprit purple check pants

esprit cavendish pink check pants

The check pattern is very stylish, it let’s people know that, yes, you don’t have a job that requires a suit. Yes, you can pleasure many woman at one time. Yes, you’re wealthy, but still down to earth. Yes, you’ll be out with the boys on Sunday playing golf. And yes I will wear boat shoes and these pants when I visit the office once a week. It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and you know how to have a good time.

You see what woman think, just by looking at a pair of shorts? They read all sorts of funky stuff from your shorts. And I know this, how? Shiiiiiit son, I tap into my feminine side crazy styles to write these pieces for you!

They’re R450 from Esprit in Cavendish Square, and there is also an Esprit in the V&A Waterfront but I don’t know if they have these shorts in stock there.

Go got ‘em!


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Nash Website Reply

Liking this vibe.
Keep it coming.

Team Excess Website Reply

Shot bud :) So out of inspiration at the moment ha ha…battling to write anything so I’ll try some new things like this to keep my mind fresh.

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