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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 19 Jan 2011

So as you know, I don’t particularly like being connected all day, but when I am connected to the world, my choice of phone is the Blackberry Bold 9700. And here is why (Vs the iPhone)

blackberry vs iphone

Apple make a great phone, and the web browser is far superior to the Blackberry’s. It’s easier to scroll thanks to the touch screen, which also makes it easier to zoom in and out. The camera on the new iPhone 4 is also far superior to the Blackberry. The screen resolution is also amazing. But there is this little thing of cost.

A new Blackberry Bold is R6000, whereas an iPhone 4 starts at around R7300. You do realise that the new Apple iPod Touch has the exact same functions as the iPhone, minus the phone call/sms part? And an iPod Touch is R2300. So you could get a Blackberry Bold and an iPod Touch for R8300, and maybe it’s not as cool as simply having an iPhone, but when it comes to saving money, Blackberry is the winner.

I pay around R60 a month for data on my Blackberry. That means I can post unlimited photos to Facebook, Twitter etc, I can send and receive as many e-mails as I like, I can send photos via e-mail and surf the web…all for one fixed cost. This also gives me access to Blackberry Messenger so I can send messages for free to other friends on Blackberry. Which is basically everyone. Yes, yes, I know about Whatsapp, but do you know how unreliable it is? I very often have messages being delivered hours after I have sent them. Not cool.

It amazes me that for so long people complained about the price of internet in South Africa, and now finally we can get uncapped at reasonable prices, and now people are spending money on accessing the internet via their iPhones. All just for the sake of actually having an iPhone. And it’s not that I hate Apple, I think Apple are awesome, and the iPhone is amazing. But the fact that you have to pay for data just puts me off. It puts more money into companies like Vodacom and MTN, of which I despise. I despise cellphone companies because for so many years they made an absolute killing off SMS’s, because when you look at an SMS and what it is, it should me way cheaper. SMS’s are way over priced and cellphone companies make millions off those little bits of data being sent around every day.

I’m stoked that things such as BBM and Whatsapp now exist.

And that is my main winning factor for having a Blackberry, the cost. It’s cheap to send and receive large amounts of data, and for me, that’s the strong point.

And besides, do you know what a bitch it is to type on a touch screen? I’ve tried, it’s not cool.

And let’s be honest, after a while you do get tired of the apps. Do you really need to chop fruit with your finger on the touch screen?

As the world expands, people are trying to downsize, because we just have too many options. Scale down people. Live simply, not because it’s the thing to do, but because it’s more enjoyable. Don’t kill yourself with information and activities. Keep it low key.

Pretty simple reasons for going for Blackberry, but reasons nonetheless.

How do you roll, Blackberry or iPhone?

And is your life better than your friends with Blackberry’s? Like I mean, really better?

Thought not.


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Once you have loaded BB6 on your 9700 you will see a massive difference in the browser. Probably even better than the iPhone (especially if you are using over wifi)

Amod Munga @phr0ggi Website Reply

I love me some BB.
For real.
Played with an iPhone and just couldn’t like it no matter how I tried.
Now all that being said, I gotta say my next phone is gonna be Android powered.
Got my eyes on a sexy little HTC.
And the thought of owning one makes me moist in the areas near my jeans’ pockets.

Team Excess Website Reply

Yeah dude I’ve heard good things about Android, and I’m sure it’ll get bigger and bigger…I think BB is mostly popular because it gives people a cheap option of connecting with friends.

But Android is very cool!

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