2 Comments Robert Downey Jr Rocking Oliver Peoples Benedict Sunglasses In Due Date

Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 19 Jan 2011

robert downey jr oliver peoples

Robert Downey Jr is a cool guy! And when I saw the shades he was wearing in Due Date, I knew that he was cooler than ever before. And then I thought, I wonder why those sunglasses appeal to me?

robert downey jr oliver peoples benedict

Well I suppose it’s because mine are very similar! Although mine aren’t Oliver Peoples, they are Serengeti. More specifically the Serengeti Napoli with Drivers Polarized lenses, which are quite honestly the best lenses I have ever used.

serengeti napoli drivers polarized

They don’t cut the color from your life, they actually enhance it. Greens become bright and red and yellows explode into life through Serengeti lenses. I’ve had Oakley, I’ve had Ray Ban, but nothing compares to my Serengeti lenses. Try them (Serengeti Drivers Polarized lens) at Eye Q in Cavendish and Canal Walk, and I promise you, you will never want another lens in your life. You see what I do for you? Always looking out for the best stuff, to make your life better.

Oliver Peoples sunglasses are available at Extreme Eyewear in Cape Town, albeit in very limited styles.

Oliver Peoples Benedict, as worn by Robert Downey Jr in Due Date retail for $400, local pricing is unavailable.


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Due Date was a great movie. Glad they consulted SLXS before choosing Downie’s glasses.

Team Excess Website Reply

I loved that film! One of the better comedies I’ve seen lately.

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