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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 16 May 2009

Everyone is going through the whole lumo stage at the moment, and we’re pumping lumo truckers caps to the jols in Cape Town. What you need to be really old school cool though is to rock the Cape Town nightclubs with glowsticks. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again!

So you’re going to a lumo electro party and you need those glowsticks this week. You need glow sticks for the party in Cape Town!

Don’t stress. I’ve sourced glow sticks from my preferred online mens store, that obviously being You know all about them already. They’ll deliver anything manly (Fire starters, condoms…you name it they got it) to you, to your door in South Africa.


Click HERE to buy

Check these bad boys out. They are glow sticks that last for 8 hours, so you can get to the party at 8pm, and at 4am you’ll still be banging. At R22 each, it’s but pocket change. I make R22 while making a cup of coffee. It’s that easy. These are military grade lightsticks so you know they’ll last through a lumo party. These Firefly Lightsticks are one of the only brands in the world to be used by NATO forces, so you’ll feel like Chuck Norris at the party!

You want some? Click HERE to buy Firefly Lightsticks online in Cape Town, only from

You’ll bang the prom queen as well.

Sean Lloyd


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