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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 16 Apr 2010

So while some people said it wasn’t Minki in that video, I’m pretty sure these photos confirm that it was indeed her.

minki cape epic

Nice clean men taking some photos for the hard drive. Enjoy the individual in green, thrusting his package untoward the Minx. Nice one bugger.

cape epic minki

Minki there a NINJA next to you!

(Shot Mitch)


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Skateboard J @Twitter ID Reply

Why is Minki drinking a brutal fruit I thought she only drank brannas and coke!

Wahaha, didn’t even notice the ninja. If I had my bigger lens we would have had a nipple shot

April 17 2010 12:30 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Yeah shit I need to buy one of those cameras with the white paparazzi lens, then it's career change time and BOOM...nipple shots everywhere

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