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36 boutiques

Obviously if you live around here, you know how snobbish people can be if you’re not wearing the right stuff! But sometimes when you have a budget that encompasses multiple facets of your life — wife/husband, mistress/gimp, girlfriend/boyfriend plus all their expenses, then your HIDEOUS cocaine addiction and that French bubbly you insist on drinking, there can sometimes be a little strain on the budget when it comes to clothes. You then have to shop at Mr Price and Ackermans (To the plebbs who want to sound smart, they’ll refer to it as Ay-See- Kermans — see what they’ve done? Clever)

Or do you?

Well with 36 Boutiques, wearing Mr Price might be a thing of the past (As will the shrinkage that Mr Price garments undergo, even after a cold wash!)

And your chick is going to PLUTZ when you present her with a new pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans, and you know what? When she next buys you a present, she’ll buy something of a similiar value, unaware that you were shopping at 80% off! So while you paid 20% of the value of a pair of R5000 jeans, she will in return buy you a R5000 watch at full price.


I mean naturally with girls you never win, because one drunken night with the boys and you drive the car through all her stunning new plants in the garden and fill the fish tank with beer, and she kaks you out and withholds sex. So in the end you never really win, but you can have some of your own back.

This is what 36 Boutiques is all about:

36boutiques is a brand new luxury shopping concept in South Africa. 36boutiques is classified as a Private Event Retailer.  Private in the sense that one can register by invitation only. Event in the sense that sales are once off and only lasts 36 hours, which is very exclusive. And Retailer because 36boutiques is establishing a new platform for the retail industry in South Africa.

36boutiques has weekly online sale events that feature the very best designer fashion, both global and local with up to 80% off the retail price! These exclusive online sales last for 36 hours only & boast an array of designers from Stefania Morland, Errol Arendz, 7 For All Mankind Jeans, Jingle and Chime (singer Louise Carver’s jewellery range), Hermanna Rush, Ben Sherman and so the list continues…

The next sale is going to be next Monday, 19 April 2010 which will feature  Jingle & Chime by Louise Carver .  This sale will start at 12 noon on the Monday and ends at midnight of the Tuesday. It is by invite only – so one would need to go to
www.36boutiques.co.za to sign up beforehand.

For other sales, 36boutiques will send you e-mails before each sale event, to tell you what is going on sale.  This product is definitely not reject designer stuff, but rather end-of-season items or designer fashion that boutiques offer 36boutiques exclusively!

I mean, HAVE YOU EVER?! Girls will be chilling like Gisele in no time. And remember ladies, I love skinny jeans tucked into boots. I’m just saying.

gisele bundchen skinny jeans and boots

But before I waste any more of your time, sign up fool!

Click here to sign up.

And honestly, when your girlfriend is looking at you, holding a new item of expensive clothing (Which you bought for cheap), and thinking of all the animalistic things she is going to do to you, then think of me. I mean obviously only for a second, not while she’s all over you, but you get the point.

And LADIES, just think about this, with all these new clothes, if you’re single, you won’t be for long because guys are going to be mesmerized by your amazing clothes, not to mention that cheeky ass of yours, which you continue to flash beneath that very short skirt!

I’ve seen you walking to The Assembly in that little skirt.

I acted like I wasn’t interested.

I just wasn’t sure what the hell you were doing with that guy.

Surely you deserve better?

I mean, come now, really…

Just call me.

Call me Julio and smother me in custard you naughty girl!

But seriously, we’re now losing the plot, go buy those new clothes and then we’ll chat again.

Sexy. X

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