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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 14 Apr 2010


In a last minute turn of nut cracking, silk shirt wearing tightness, I found myself mincing into the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town to watch Grease with the family, awesome! Gosh, even my gran was there, WITHOUT her hearing aid, absolute madness!

I’ve always been a  fan of the Grease movie with Johnny T and wasn’t so sure about going to see a musical. Obviously I told the okes I was hunting animals in Siberia while making my own vodka, and not drinking bottled water and eating crackers at the Grease musical. You see we need to keep up appearances around these shallow parts. It’s all we have…

And I tell you, I laughed the entire way though the production! At first I thought “Hmmmmm R350 for a ticket…steep” but after watching it, it was well worth it. Tickets for the shit I watch at Ster Kinekor are R48, plus like R13 parking so that’s R61 and that’s just some tape vibe playing. At the theatre you’re playing for a performance and the cast of Grease were spectacular. For two hours they’re bouncing around the stage giving the show of their lives, and seeing real people on a stage gives you so much joy. I’d forgotten what it was like to see real talent without all the special effects of movies.

The conductor for the band was also a comedic performance on his own, disco dancing all the while leading the band! There is also something classy about going to the theatre, because it weeds out all the commoners you see at movies. You know those kids playing on Mxit during a film, people who have been drinking drugs and smoking doos wyn. I went pretty casual but AWESOME, but I was stoked to see people really dressing up and giving it a good go. People in suits and hats, beautiful dresses, young kids, old cougars, MILF’s…it was the whole Cape Town crowd there!

You never really see me laughing the whole way through a movie, but being to close the the actors on stage, you could see the effort they were putting in and the enjoyment they were getting out of acting. Whereas sometimes you see Megan Fox on screen, and it makes you happy, you wonder how much acting effort she is really putting in. I mean, she’s not trying that hard for the millions of dollars she is making. The Grease cast are really putting so much into each performance, it’s amazing and I loved it. These people are masters of their art and it’s a treat to see them, and worth every rand that you pay.

The dancers, both male and female, were also spectacular, to do the amount of shows that they do with the same energy is really quite phenomenal. They have a massive Johannesburg tour lined up and I suggest if you’re in Johannesburg, you make this a priority. And if you’re in Cape Town, but going to Joburg for business, then make sure you stay long enough to catch a performance of the Grease musical.

For all the Johannesburg tour dates, and to book your tickets, click here. The show runs from the 17th of April until the 13th of June, so you really cannot miss it.

And did I tell you how hot the female cast members are? Smoking.

And the people in the crowd? Smoking.

I think I’m sold on this whole old school theatre thing!

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