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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 23 Mar 2009

So yeah, I’ve obviously known about this for a while but I thought it pertinent to mention now, as I sit here at SLXS Mission Control while Rod Stewart pumps out “Maggie May”

It’s almost as if he is singing it specifically for me. This will be followed up by Lionel Ritchies “Do it to me” which always amazes me when Lionel croons thew words “You’re my MoTown lover”

Guaranteed to give you a woody! It’s like word Viagra!

So as you know, Earl Spencer, Dianas brother, has children and funnily enough they have chosen to reside in the best city in the entire world. That’s right our city, Cape Town. Interestingly the Spencer family worth is reportedly a cool one hundred million pounds (HERE), mostly tied up in estates and antiques. But I hardly think that matters, because if I had 100 million pounds (I can’t find the pounds sign on my laptop computer) I’d be seriously maxing the chillaxing to an insane level of sickness.

Naturally when your old family sits atop this sort of disgusting wealth, you’re pretty chilled. And pretty good looking. Because rick kids always turn out good looking. The only reason for this is that if they are born ugly they are put down. Scientific  fact.

So Kitty has turned out all rather nice looking and finds herself gracing the cover of Tatler magazine this month. Not to be confused with our “Tatler” newspaper, that old people write to complaining of stuff such as noisy neighbours and the disgusting youth of today. I imagine I’ll grace the cover of a magazine shortly, probably as “randiest blogger” or “most vain, superficial and shallow blogger” I’d dig that, if I didn’t hate the word “blog” so much. I’d like to be seen as a writer seeing as though it’s what I studied. I also hate the word “journalist” because it makes me sound like a freeloading, negative, alcohol and drug ravaging gimp.

Anyway enough about ME, let’s check out Kitty (How cool is that name?):

kitty spencer

Fabulous wealth makes smiling a breeze



kitty spencer tatler



kitty spencer talter cover

Economic recession? 


The best has to be in THIS article where she says “I don’t think I’d have been that happy growing up in England. Our way of life is so much more relaxed”

HA! Take that expats! If 100 million pounds and about a kazillion estates and access to the entire country can’t make a place decent, then I don’t know what can!

Sorry buggers but she does have a boyfriend. And that’s todays celeb news wrap!

Actually we never have a celeb news wrap, but whatever, that’s todays one.

Sean Lloyd


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