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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 02 Dec 2010

ferry corsten

Ferry Corsten — Takes after me — Digs to chill on couches. Only I rock a Speedo.

So I know you like a little free something something from time to time, so I have three sets of double tickets to Ferry Corsten in Cape Town. That’s next Thursday already, in a weeks time!

What I need you to do is simply tell me why you, above all the other thousands of people want, no, NEED these tickets. Leave a comment below, and we’ll decided who really deserves them. Some people just want to go to a party because it’s free…and there are others who want to go because of a passion for music and a passion for attending the best events in the world.

I’m looking for those people.

So that’s a green light, entries open now…GO GO GO! (Yes you Murray Walker!)


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Jason Website Reply

I would like to go to Ferry Corsten because his music will never be used in a porno

Preeya Kalidas @preeya626 Website Reply

I am a late bloomer…and new to cape town, So looking for where ever there is a party, especially good music. To re-aggravate my hip and knee injury from all the dancing I love to do. Every chance I can get to a best event I want to be there! Just need help …

Jason Website Reply

I think ferry corstens rocks! Trance is such an uplifting soul of music. I follow tiesto ferry n many others Trance dj’s i would be an honour to be able to see ferry corsten live…give me the tickets!

DJ’s only!

Warwick Website Reply

The last time I was at a party at atmosphere my world got rocked so much that I found my self sitting in the boot of a golf holding onto a bumper while been driven home. Bring on the Disco Disco.

Abu-bakr Babymaker Hattas Website Reply

because i listen to his radio show religiously, an blows most dj’s out the water! He deserves a better venue though.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t do clubs when I was young. Two weeks ago, my teenage son persuaded my husband (48) and I (45) to go to Godskitchen with him. I was blown away. Who would’ve guessed you can have so much fun just dancing to amazing music. I have to go to another trance party! My son tells me Ferry is ‘like the best trance dj alive’. I have to see this for myself.

Nick Website Reply

I don’t need free tickets, but rather feel like typing to say I know I’ll be there weather my tickets are “free” or weather they cost me my mother… I’m such a trance-former listening to mainly progressive/vocal before the word “Dj” became what it is today. I’ve been to NYC and seen most of the MOST renowned Dj’s… what a feeling :)

Larry Lakeshore @larrylakeshore Website Reply

Ever since I heard about Ferry’s show in an abandoned aeroplane hanger a few years ago I have been trying to get to see him. My friend said: “it was the best night of my life!” I have just finished my thesis and i would often use Ferry’s Gatecrasher 2007 album to push me through some all-nighters!

Jason Moyce Website Reply

When tiesto came to Cape Town i was unfornate to miss out, but seeing that Ferry Corstens in town i would love to get hold of those tickets…many folks dont appreciate the soul of trance music, its such an artistry that gets perfected by these dj’s. Bring on the Trance!

magmood ajam @mamu89 Website Reply

i am one of the biggest trance fans around an avid halo supporter… i have been to evry big event since tiesto played at @mosphere in 2006. getting to see ferry corsten live would just help me add to the many experiences i have of trance and progressive djs in SA

Richard Website Reply

I need these tickets because I have a weak heart and can not afford a pacemaker. Doctors recommend quality Trance as it causes a higher rate in blood pressure, reducing the strain on my heart.

By giving me these tickets, you will be saving a life.

Gabriella's Sky Website Reply

I would love to see Ferry Corsten live! I love his music especially his Gouryella colab with Tiesto! Trance has changed so much and the industry as well. But the trance legends like PVD, Tiesto, Oakenfold, Ferry and Above & Beyond have always stayed true to the game. There is nothing like trance, I do listen to other genres and Im into Kings Of Leon (their new album is the shit) but there seriously is nothing like trance and progressive. People like to question Tiestos ability right now but yoh, give the guy a break.

If he must play a live set now and drop his black hole catalogue (Lethal Industry, Traffic, Adagio, Faithfulness, Rain Down On Me, Just Be, Walking On Clouds, Parade Of The Athletes) people would lose their minds. Thats the Tiesto people must remember. Anyways im moving off the topic here. I dont go to other parties, fuck socialising at Chrome and all this other clubs. Im there for the MUSIC!!! Im there to be moved by the music. And thats that, anything else that happens on the night can happen, but the music is what dictates the beat of my heart. Sean, do me a favour and let me win this tickets:)

Simply because i was heart broken when I didn’t get to experience for Markus Schulz (after begging for a ticket!) What kind of people brings Markus Schulz, one of the top 10 djs in the world, and stops most of the Trance and Progressive faithful of Cape Town from seeing him!

I have only been listening to Electronica for 2-years now, since then I’ve seen Sasha, Armin, Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate (thanks to the AMAZING HALO crew) and Above and Beyond! (What an addition Markus would’ve been to that list) But its almost every single int act that has come to CPT!!! Tell me i don’t LOVE this music!

And no matter what, whether I have to pay R250 for a ticket or If im lucky enough to win one… I will be on the dance floor from 8pm to 5am!


So much trance love. Hope you all tune into Halo on Sat nights. Like Gariella’s Sky answer. Gabriella Sky is the name of Ferry Corsten’s daughter.

See you all on the dance floor.

Irfan Safedien Website Reply

To be able to experience a trance session with one the worlds best dj’s would be awesome. I have been listening to trance/electronica for roughly 8 years and have never been to a live show/concert…i missed out on tiesto a couple of years ago so i’m desparately wanting these tickets. Trance is such a unrated genre of music that not many appreciate the art in SA i might add. Listening to Tiesto, Ferry, Paul van dyk & Armin has made me do my own mixes…so i go down on both my knees n elbows begging please give me those TICKETS!


Zoey Website Reply

Im a new bee! just started geting into this music! BUT it didnt take me long to be converted! AND NOW I LOVE IT! :) Went to Above and Beyond and was blown away! Was amazing! Basically I’d really just like to win these double tickets! One would go to my friend above “chad” who clearly deserves it! The other to my brother! and then I would still buy more, so that other freinds of mine could come along and NOT miss out on an incredible night, with these sensational top rated dj’s!!! :) It will make me smile if I get these tickets!!! :D :D :D

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