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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 13 Dec 2010

john paul dejoria paul mitchell

I’ve used Paul Mitchell Dry Wax for years and years, and I’m always extremely fascinated by brand history, how they started and the people who started them…often with very little start up capital. Paul Mitchell is one such brand and I think the story of John Paul Dejoria is hugely inspiring.

He’s been homeless twice, sold Encyclopedias door to door to make money, and even collected Coke bottles to get the returns on them. When he started Paul Mitchell he actually slept in his car for the first two weeks when the company had started. And while these days we want success at a young age, remember, John Paul and his partner Paul Mitchell started Paul Mitchell in 1980, making John Paul around 36 years old. So you’ve always got time for that big idea of yours. Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems was started with $700 and is now a $900 million a year company.
John Paul  also makes money from your tequila binges…he co founded Patron tequila. His story is one that you’ll never forget, and might just inspire you to bigger things.

There is a fantastic article on Entrepeneur entitled ‘Homelessness, Hair Care and 12000 Bottles of Tequila’, CLICK HERE to read it.

It’ll make you realise that nothing is impossible.

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