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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 25 Oct 2010

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Keith Richards: Cooler than we will ever be.

I was having an AWESOME time reading the Sunday Times yesterday, specifically for the things Michelle McLean can’t live without. Mind boggling.

Anyway the main reason I bought The Sunday Times was because Keith Richards was mentioned, and that reminded me that the greatest autobiography ever is about to be released! Keith Richards has lived a life of excess and because that’s what you’re all here for, I thought it very important to make a mention of this fact. Look, in South Africa we’re always a little behind everyone else and the book will only be released a bit later in South Africa. But never fear Captain Jack! are taking pre-orders, and according to them, Keith Richards autobiography is arriving tomorrow! Click  below to order it safely online on and get it before anyone else!

keith richards life autobiography

Keith Richards Life

I honestly cannot believe I have lived long enough to see this autobiography. It’s like Scar Tissue but no doubt 1000 times more hedonistic and excessive and wild and decadent.


Click the following link to buy it online :Keith Richards Life

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