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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 28 Apr 2010

So we spoke of the Chateau Marmont just the other day, and someone commented saying we have the Grand Daddy in Cape Town which is our own local hotel of the sorts. I disagreed, on the fact that there just aren’t enough cool stories about it. Other than the tik monster driver from the other week.

Well the Chateau Marmont has lived up to the reputation once again, as Vinnie Jones has had a little go in the hotel. This from The Telegraph (HERE):

Vinnie Jones and Tamer Hassan in LA ’scuffle’

Vinnie Jones was involved in a scuffle with fellow actor Tamer Hassan following an argument at a hotel in Los Angeles.

Jones, 45, reportedly hurt his nose and Hassan was left with a swollen face after the pair exchanged blows at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard.

The fight broke out after Jones allegedly launched an “unprovoked attack” on the 42-year-old, who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster Kick-Ass, Hassan’s lawyer said.

Jones, who is due to begin working with Hassan on a new film – Blood Out – next week, told The Sun: “Me and Tamer had words and a bit of a scuffle like a lot of blokes do on a weekend after a drink and a curry.”

vinnie jones scars

How most okes look after a drink and a curry!

The former Leeds and Chelsea football footballer, who lives in LA with his wife Tanya, added: “We’re making a movie together next week. It’ll all be forgotten about by then.”

It is understood that tensions have been simmering between the two actors since they fell out several months ago.

The fracas broke out after Jones went to talk to Hassan, a former amateur boxer, who was at the celebrity haunt with production crew for the forthcoming film.

Hassan’s lawyer, Eddie Parladorio, said: “My client informs me that he was subjected to an unprovoked attack late last night by Vinnie Jones at the Chateau Marmont in LA.

“He regrets being put in the position of having to defend himself, but defend himself he did.”

A spokesman for Jones, who starred in the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, categorically denied that the his client launched an unprovoked attack on Hassan.

He said: “Vinnie was having a business dinner with a couple of producers and his wife on Saturday-night when he became involved in an altercation.

“He returned to his table a few minutes later and carried on with his evening. He left the restaurant to go home after midnight. Yesterday he was playing football with his Hollywood Allstars team as normal.”

Although not a household name like Jones, Hassan has carved out a career in film including The Football Factory and recently starred as Ares, the Greek god of war, in the blockbuster Clash Of The Titans.

I mean honestly, THAT is a script in itself! Chateau Marmont, legendary Hollywood and soccer tough guy Vinnie Jones.

Hassan has played a Greek God Of War. He’s starred in the movie ‘Kick-Ass’

Vinnie is from Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. I dig it how Vinnie simply says they had a scuffle like a lot of guys do on a weekend after a drink and a curry. Ja because I do that! I mean I’m a man. I drink beer and eat steak and chop wood and plant my seed all over this town!

I drive muscle cars!

I definitely don’t moisturise and I have never had something called a ’smoothie’

In fact the last liquid that passed my lips was brake fluid, because that’s how I roll.

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