Vote Locnville For The 2010 MK Awards

You know I never ask much of you guys and girls, but you know, I’m a giver. But now we need your support, because friends help friends!

Cape Town boys Locnville need your votes in the 2010 MK Awards as Best Newcomers, and we’re naturally supporting them.


Locnville: Hurting it!

You literally need to take 30 seconds out of your schedule of boozy lunches and ‘important telephone calls’ and ‘staff meetings to touch base’, to help out here. I mean, not that the guys really need help because no one won’t not vote for them, but we want them to absolutely take the awards to the dry cleaners. Everyone knows Locnville are by far the best newcomers so it’s all good!

All we need from you is to SMS 5D to 33154. I only ask for these little favours when it means the world to me and those around me. This is one of those times.

Do it do it! If they win, Mark Felgate will run naked around Karma Lounge in Camps Bay while pouring milk all over himself and shouting “I am the milk man!” He doesn’t know he’s going to do this, but he’ll find out soon enough.

So get those votes in and let’s see Locnville HURT the MK Awards 2010!

One Comment on “Vote Locnville For The 2010 MK Awards

  1. O.M.G they r the first south african artists that have tacken my heart away…. YOU RoCK

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