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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 30 Mar 2010

wtf media


So apparently this is the conference to attend, it’s not really in my league because I don’t deal in business. I deal in ‘chill’ but for those of you interested, here are the details:

WTF MEDIA CONFERENCE on social media, mobile media and cloud computing will take place from april 27 – 29, 2010 at CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Centre).  The conference will include a boot camp:  How to negotiate the social media landscape.  The WTF MEDIA CONF will be powered by Neotel.

WTF MEDIA CONF aims to talk to real people about its key social media themes, using common old garden words to provide relevant answers to real questions as to what works and what doesn’t..  It will strip down social media to its core so that we are able to understand what it is, how it works and what has worked well.  It will educate and inform, as well as provide access to the online/mobile environment, explore, explain, speculate, debate and to talk about things that matter to us.

Confirmed speakers include Andrew Cardoza – Mobilitrix.  Andrew Rens – Shuttleworth Foundation.  Arthur Goldstuck – World Wide Worx.  Christine Da Silva – Altersage.   Dave Duarte – Huddlemind.  Hannes Van Rensburg – Fundamo.  Hans Mol – Be-Mobile.  Heidi Schneigansz – Quirk E Marketing.  Ivor Price – Media 24.  Johannes Cronje – CPUT. Justin Hartman – Afrigator.  Justin Spratt – Internet Solutions.  Mandy De Waal – Journalist/ Blogger.  Mark Gray – Gray Link.  Marlon Parker – CPUT.  Matthew Buckland – Creative Spark.  Matthew Visser – Buynary Digital. Melissa Attree – Geton.  Nic Haralambous – Vodacom.  Paul Jacobson – Jacobson Attorneys.  Philipp Schmidt – Shuttleworth Foundation.  Sheena Gates – NerdMag.  Shel Israel – Twitterville.  Simon Leps – Fontera.  Steve Vosloo – Shuttleworth Foundation.  Vincent  Maher – Vodacom.  Yossi Hasson – Synaq and Zibusiso Mkhwananzi – Krazyboyz Digital. Alexia Beckerling & Lynann Bradbury – Digital story telling. Allan Kent – AtPlay. Andrew Brand – 99c. Andy Hadfield – FNB.  Paris Mashile – ICASA. Mark Gray – Graylink. Mark Horner – Shuttleworth Foundation. Gordin Parkin – Brandscape Marketing. Eran Eyal – Springleap. Daniel Neville – Idea Bounty. Paul Stafford – Mimecast. Neels van der Westhuizen – Open Innovation Studio.

This is the 12th annual media conference organisated by Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).  Since 1998 the media conference has covered topics like  2003:  CoNextion:  The Relationship between Branding, Public Relations and Advertising.    2004:  Upfront & Uncut – Can You Handle Free Speech?  2005:  Media on Trial.  2006:  Women In the Media.  2007:  Protect the Unprotected.   2008:  Social Technology:   2009  Online.
The cost of WTF MEDIA CONF is R4,500.00.  (Includes all tea/coffe; lunch, socials and parking).  The BootCamp is an optional extra, which delegates must book in advance.  Delegates are advised to bring their WiFi enabled laptop and your cellphone (topped-up) so they can fully embrace the new technology.  Laptop and cellphone essential for Boot Camp as it has a strong practical basis.

For more information, please contact the organising committe on either 021 460 4287 / 021 460 9077

Search “WTF Media” on Facebook and the event details will come up as well.

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