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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 08 Jun 2010

Are any of us in this place still using prepaid airtime? If you are, you’re probably wishing that you could pay less for your airtime.

Flexicell is a unique way to buy your airtime if you are an existing prepaid cellular phone user. It’s a great way to reap the benefits of a contract, without having to be bound down by those lengthy two year contracts which we all know and don’t like to sign.

This is where Flexicell really comes into play. A set, agreed amount is debited from a customer’s account each month, and this amount is then loaded onto the clients phone. It is a hassle free way of receiving your airtime as the amount is automatically debited from your account, and loaded directly onto your phone. No having to buy vouchers and load them into your phone anymore.

So to put it simply, you’re receiving better rates than you would on your regular prepaid option, but you’re not bound down by a contract spanning 24 months. And as we know, it can be a bit difficult to get out of a contract, but with Flexicell, you simply need to offer one months notice should you wish to cancel the service.

Flexicell is definitely worth a look if you’re looking at saving some money on your airtime costs!


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I guess it’s a decent service for lower usage users, who don’t want hefty monthly payments over 24 months and much prefer just a little each month, just so that they know that they are covered and without airtime at the beginning of the month..

Marco Website Reply

I’m interested in trying out Flexicell, but I’m not sure what it costs monthly?

If I’m currently on prepaid with Vodacom, do I stay with Vodacom or do Flexicell have their own Service Provider per say?

Hi Marco,

I’m busy investigating this for you and will report back the minute I have some useful information.


June 17 2010 16:51 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Chris

Thanks for replying there, I haven't had any computer access.

But I'm back in Cape Town tomorrow, yay!

No problem.

It’s always important to keep the comments going, after all, the more comments, the better the content is in terms of freshness :)

Where you been?

June 18 2010 13:08 pm Sean Lloyd Website

True true :)

I've been in Joburg for the World Cup, met some awesome people, no locals though! Just Mexicans and Australians, it was rad, but no match for Cape Town. I'll have a good few articles and photos from the few days up there. I just got back in now, so need to catch up on the local blog scene again! So stoked to be back, the -3 degrees weather is not my scene at all.

Chris M Website Reply

Rad, get those photos up! Ye, lots of people were complaining about it being minus up there, brrr!

Lise Website Reply

Hi people. Does Flexicell still operate in South Africa? The reason I ask is because I came across this post and think it’s a good service, so I want to use Flexicell for my mobile..?

July 23 2010 13:34 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Lise

Yeah, just check out their website and all the details are there :) You can contact them via the link as well:

Kind regards


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