1 Comments The Mxit Generation Would Drive Mr Wilson To Drink!

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 31 Mar 2010

My English teacher in high school, Mr Wilson, would fall out the second floor window of RBHS if he saw the ILLITERATE FOOLS in the world today! No doubt inspired by all that is wrong with the world (Mxit), I saw this on the Ster Kinekor Facebook group right now:

illiterate fool

For crying in a bucket of coke! How do you expect anyone to take you seriously in life if you write like that, Bapollo? If I were handling the Ster Kinekor Facebook page, I wouldn’t reply on principal.

Or maybe Beebop should read THIS (For the Mxit generation)

Or I’d tell Poppadom to Just Fucking Google It (HERE)


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Brian Tristam Williams @briantw Website Reply

Well, I read that a couple of hours and thought exactly the same thing. I mean, does “owt” for “out” save any time? Well, you have to hit the 9 key once instead of the 8 key twice, but haven’t you heard of predictive text? What about the extra time it takes other to figure out what the crap you’re trying to say?

I handle a very similar Facebook page, and I thought the same thing, “on principle.” But then, I’m not speaking for myself there.

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