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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 31 Mar 2010

captain morgan the captain

I’ll be honest, I love chilling with my mates! And I love music. But we seriously chill so hard, I wonder what it is that some fo my friends do. You know when you’re a little embarrassed to ask? Because you can call your mates up at any time of the day, and they’re never working, and you’re like “Maybe they’re hookers, or drug dealers?”

Well I never ask, because as long as they can chill at anytime of the day, then that’s cool with me.

captain morgan weekend adventure

The crew: Chilling, while my hand reaches for…

So the Captain Morgan Adventure allows you and three mates the chance to win three days of bliss, braais and adventure. And then you can choose your activities from the Captain Map. There are so many activities! Climbing, golfing, off roading, duning, fishing, scuba, surfing, bushwacking and something about watching the Bokke. It will be madness and at some stage, you will surely find yourself doing something like this:

jack sparrow

Oh my God, it is a MANS weekend out! I probably wouldn’t be allowed to take the girls.

captain morgan weekend

So if you, like me, like to just chill and leisure out, then the Captain Morgan Adventure is surely for you?

But don’t listen to me (Because then chicks will NEVER dig you!), rather listen to the Captain and get on over to the site, and get winning!

Click here to win the ultimate weekend away for you and three of your mates.


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Steven Bett @Twitter ID Website Reply

Thanks for the heads up – just went to register… I want to win!!!!! How many times can I enter? Cool going Captain Morgan Black, very legendary of you!

March 31 2010 09:49 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hey dude, will find out now from the crew how many times you can enter...I just got a bit of early notice of the competition but it looks rad! Will let you know soon.


Ok so I don’t think entering more than once works, but if you enter once, and nominate three people, they can nominate you as one of their mates, giving you an automatic 4 entries into the competition.

Steven Bett @Twitter ID Website Reply

Cool – am sending out to all my friends… they better show me their love!

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