3 Comments Our Politicians Can Count To Potato

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 23 Mar 2010

In one of the most phenomenal videos posted to YouTube this year, we have a local politician showing us what it’s like when you fail an IQ test. Mike somehow found this, and posted it to YouTube where it’s quickly turning into a viral hit:

Hey? How about that?! Ayyyy….ummmmmm…JAY-ZUZ!

I, for one, am absolutely stunned! I mean, please, someone send him back to story sum school.

(Thanks Mikeeeee!)


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LMAO. thatisall.

March 24 2010 08:43 am Sean Lloyd Website

Indeed! And I hear this is all couldn't script something better than this.

Christ almighty only knows what that bafoon tried to say there. um um ladies and gentlemen um. wept!!!! the oak even started laughing at himself cos he knew that he was costing bad there. there is no way that madAAM speaka gave the go-ahead for this project. LAG

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