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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 27 Oct 2009

Look I’m not a fashionista, or a trend spotter or anything like that but in general I’m also not a complete moron when it comes to life and what makes sense and what doesn’t.

(In a related thought, how hilarious is it that anyone on the internet with a technology website is a ‘web strategist’, ‘marketing geek’, ‘trend spotter’, ‘web junkie’, ‘PHP addict’ or whatever it is. CRISIS you okes are hilarious and a complete JOKE! I love it how things like ‘junkie’ and ‘addict’ are just loosely thrown around, as though these are as cool as a heroine addiction. Black tar heroine beats the internet 10-0.No one on the web is as cool as Tommy Lee, we shouldn’t throw these words around lightly)

Anyway that’s slightly off the topic which I’m known to do.

Your moms quite nice.

Again…off the…

Ok ok so we’re talking about the GQ Best Dressed Men Of The Year 2009 and I’m going straight out and saying it is the biggest waste of time in the world. Not only are the results abysmal, but it really doesn’t add any substance to the magazine.

Number one on the list is Jon-Paul Bolus from Loading Bay in Cape Town. Look this is nothing personal and I’ve met JP, he’s extremely passionate about his brand and what he does and his store sells kick ass clothing (We’ve mentioned it many times here on SLXS). I love the Blue Blood brand but I just have to ask myself “Is this really a true reflection of the best dressed men in South Africa? Have GQ really looked into the situation, more than just using people they always use in their magazine and who are in the right places?” . I know this is the best dressed men awards, but personally for me being best dressed is also about how you wear clothes, the attitude you roll with and how you can pull stuff off. Anyone with money can buy into trends and buy the latest style from a magazine but not everyone can pull off a look and a  lifestyle.

One thing I’ve noticed in Cape Town is that the black guys dress really well, without spending loads of cash. I often take note of guys getting out of taxi’s with their shoes shined, hats on and rocking jackets in all styles, tweed, black, rolling scarfs and looking really cool. And the reason they pull it off so well also has a lot to do with attitude and confidence. They’re taking taxi’s so I’d gather that they’re not extremely wealthy, but with the cash they have, they pull off a good look. Then you get people with loads of money looking absolutely atrocious. We really should do a picture documentary of people on the street who are well dressed, and don’t just choose them on their clothes, but the confidence and style and grace with which they wear their clothes.

GQ really should do a more on the ground issue as a supplement to their best dressed men awards. If you look at all the men in the best dressed awards, they’re all wealthy so obviously they’re not going to look like they just woke up in a trash can. And the style tips are also just ridiculous. Just look at this question posed to JP, and his reply:

JP GQ Best Dressed

South Africa’s Two Best Dressed Men

GQ: What’s a good look this summer?

JP: A great pair of distressed denims to mix with a basic V, a cardigan or a light leather jacket combined with a scarf and vintage shades. Next, you need to have a pair of raw selvedge denim jeans which you’ve been wearing every day through winter, and by now have amazing character and unique marks. Roll them up, slip on some loafers and a nice quirky shirt. Have a cardi and a light suede jacket as back up for the night out. Other key items: a beautiful cropped blazer, chinos, veldskoens and shorts.

Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy that this is for SUMMER?! OH MY SHATTERED FACE IN A CUSTARD BOWL!

I’m sorry but I didn’t actually take any of that information in, it literally went into my eyes and got zapped by the “Ridiculous Zapper” in my brain which is on at all times.

I mean come now, veldskoen and shorts? To me, dress is as much about attitude as it is about money and clothing. Look at Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp Pondering

Johnny Depp Wine Glass

Johnny Depp Shirtless

Johnny Depp On Couch

Johnny Depp Guitar

Now it’s a fact that most men cannot pull those looks off. They’re not necessarily strictly the best looks, the clothes are torn, he’s wearing random stuff but he is just doing it with such an attitude that it’s awesome. Admit it, Johnny Depp is a cool dude (Oh and good looking…SHOCK!)

I don’t see any of that in GQ. So in that photo we have seen first and second place, now let’s look at 3rd and 4th place:

GQ Best Dressed 2009

Absolutely thrilling.

Oh and by the way GQ, where’s my nomination?

According to your voting system, these photos should be able to do it (This is like rocket fuel to my stalkers):

Sean GQ

I’m wearing a waist coat, have the salmon shirt and a tie, I think I’m ready to win this thing?

There is even this variation, with a different expression and a grey Polo shirt:

Grey Polo

Seriously, now send me my trophy. I also want in on this!

I may be completely wrong on this, and these guys might dress phenomenally at all other times. But I just feel this GQ shoot was poor. Shoot the guys in a natural setting, shoot them on the street, at work, on Table Mountain, just not in a boring studio or something! Shoot them on the beach in a suit…do something different.

And I’m spent.


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Sean Lloyd, you are not big and you are certainly not clever. Your blog is a moist, muddy quagmire of confusion and the obvious result of either a diseased imagination or a mother telling her son how good he is until he eventually starts to believe her…

Well Sean, let me break it to you, your writing has all the charm of an open sore.

This is a weak attempt. It’s confused, bemused and confuddled. Do you really think that you should have been included in GQ’s Best Dressed list, you with your salmon pink shirt, douchebag hair, too much shit on your wrists and Markhams waistcoat that you don’t even know how to wear properly (never do the bottom button, fool)?

Ho-ho, keep treading the waters of mediocrity.

Palma Virtuti

October 28 2009 10:35 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Palma

Thanks for the comment, I never said I was big, nor clever. And as things go, no one is forcing you to read the words written here...I guess though no one forces me to read GQ so in that right I have no reason to complain...

If you know the general feel of this site, you will realise that this wasn't a serious look at the GQ Best Dressed Men Awards, merely an attempt to figure out how the selection process was handled. I completely respect JP (I don't know the other guys), and the brands he sells, and I made this clear.

Do I think I should have been included in the best dressed men awards? No, not at all. I believe it was quite clear that this was sarcasm.

I just feel that we certainly have better dressed people, or if you had read, the shoot could have been a little better.

I felt the clothing and the setting were just dull and bland. Nothing more and nothing less.



Woah, why so serious Palma! hahaha,

this post is exactly why im a fan of this blog. first of all – johnny dep is a king among men. sean i know you feel the same. second of all. dude – you are right. GQ is cool and everything / but they can be so narrow minded at times (especially creatively) and third of all – ur writting style if kak funny – its shit that human beings can relate to. and last but not least / palma – you need to chill out. smoke a fat one and just re read ur comment. and when you done / read some of the posts and just enjoy the humuor. peace out.

October 28 2009 15:27 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Exactly bud, the post was meant as a light look at things, secondly it wasn't an all out attack on GQ, nor the people featured. It was just to raise some questions and provide my opinion on things, one shared by many that I have spoken to.

And to honestly read that and believe that I think I should be on the best dressed men's list, is way off the mark and completely out of touch with what I write. SLXS isn't about using the biggest, fanciest words I can find.

It's about talking like I would to anyone on the street, and to relate to people through that.

Anyway that's the nature of the world and we're all entitled to an opinion so I've got mine and Palma has his, and I'm 100% cool with that. That's why there are comments!

So there's no attacking going on, just opinions which I think are good to share with people. And there is literally nothing more to it.

A quick read over the "About" section is also required reading for new readers, and old alike:

Much respect.


Methinks Palma is short 1 X orgasm in her life.FARK ME! What a towellie

heroine addiction?

what, you can’t get enough of women with superhuman qualities?

Palma Virtuti is actuslly a motto, from what I can tell, and loosely translated means “Reward is to the brave” so either that chick/guy has a fucked up name or has THE worst sign-off of all time.

FAIL on both accounts.



October 28 2009 17:23 pm Sean Lloyd Website


Are you perhaps an under cover card counting Rain Man genius? I'm suitable impressed!

Seriously guys, has anyone seen my smoking pipe? I’m not joking, I’ve lost it.

Tobacco pipe.

If you find it message me.

heita mlungu,

have you ever met a black person before? we take taxis because we spend the equivalent of a GTI installment on our clothes every month.

October 29 2009 09:48 am Sean Lloyd Website

Ha! Really? No the black guys dress well though, I really think GQ should do some more on the street stuff on'll make a nice change I think and could make more of an interesting article, while I think still fitting in with the general vibe of the magazine, "Gentleman's Quarterly"

Only read this today. bit late but most of its true.

One would think “GQ” have a “GQ” budget and are able to shoot at various locations.

If not, ask Top Billing for some cash.

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