29 Comments Tiesto Coming To South Africa In May For Kaleidoscope World Tour

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 24 Feb 2010

Ok ok, I know I don’t do Twitter much but I still keep up to date on the people that matter. So I found this on Rory’s Twitter feed (HERE), he’s always up to date on all the party stuff.
“Good news for SA is that @tiesto will be coming in May for his Kaleidoscope World Tour”

How true is his word? Well he ran into Tiesto the other day at the hotel in Bangkok:


Rory, Tiesto, Claire — Chilled!

So you better believe it! In other party news, Nash made a mention that Steve Aoki is playing at The Assembly on 2 April. Check that HERE.



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Do you know what dates tiesto will be in south africa? tickets?

February 24 2010 10:19 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Max

I actually have no idea yet I haven't seen the dates released for Tiesto, but I'll post them as soon as I know.

yeah, also heard Tiësto was coming to SA, but nothing more has been said…. rumour??

Keep us posted, Sean!!!

Skateboard J @jeremydixon Reply

The last Tiesto party in Cape Town was insane! Main O you need to hit this one up!

Seen Tiesto 3 times now, twice in Cape Town… fucking hell the guy can mix and knows how to work a crowd… Apparently I heard that he is planning to outdo Armin Van Buuren and blow Cape Town away… lets wait and see what happens hey! :)

February 26 2010 10:32 am Sean Lloyd Website

I'm soooooo, sooooo keen! 2010 madness

Not sure yet but it will probably be the weekend of the 8th or 15th May. Hopefully its the 15th cause Paul Oakenfold will be here on the 8th May.

Richard Durand next weekend. Sean I will send you some info.

Have no interest in seeing Tijs now. His work is pants. How’s about some MotorCitySoul or Henry Saiz or Guy Gerber

Ettiene Tukker @Twitter ID Website Reply

Please keep us up to date on Tiesto tour RSA…I will believe it when I see it…till then it’s all rumors, just like all other DJ’s…But Tiesto need to tour RSA before FIFA, to get the party people going.

What’s the chance that Oakenfeld and Tiesto will play 2 weeks apart????

March 03 2010 15:25 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Howzit Etienne

I'll post all the details on the site as soon as things can be confirmed. Sooooooo amped!

I spoke to Helen Zille earlier and they won't allow Oakenfold and Tiesto to play two weeks apart because there will simply be too much awesome and we will all explode and the world will also end.

Ettiene Tukker @Twitter ID Website Reply

But I see he will only be playing in CT…what about Jo’es….we are the party people…CT is the stylish people….Luckily we have somone like Zille!!!! Becasue the world will end forsure…SA party hard

March 03 2010 16:26 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Yeah I'm trying to find out more info now, I don't know if he'll be playing Cape Town or Jozi or both...he may as well play both if he's here!

omggggg he bettter be playin in cpt! pleez keep us updated, theres nothing on his website…hopefully he’ll be here!!!!!! :) so psyched!!!!!!! armin wasn’t so greaT:( tiesto is the best:)

this o is talking horse shit tiesto aint coming.

March 09 2010 19:37 pm Sean Lloyd Website

I'm not allowed to say anything, other than that I've been told I'm not allowed to say anything.

Paul Oakenfold is coming….check out computicket for the info!
Tiesto’s site says March 27th Grand Arena Cape Town but no JHB show.
Who cares he’s here all the time anyways….Oakey here we come!

the schedule on his wesite goes up until july2010 and theres no mention of him coming to SA!

March 14 2010 21:05 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Ishreen

Keep an eye out this week, we'll have confirmations...or no confirmations! But I'm pretty sure more information will become available this week :)


my apologies…not his website… wikipedia (but we all know how reliable that can be).

if he does come I think it’ll be great but the guy is here so often you’d think he had a place in SA (oh wait…he does).

Yeah Rev wiki does say that! But anyone can edit wiki pages so we’ll never know if its true!

Thanx sean I’ll keep checking to see if it was confirmed or not

Lets hope this isnt rumours again! :e

March 17 2010 13:26 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Joe

Ha ha, I'm never too sure about Wikipedia to be honest :)

We know he's in Joburg on 15 May:

I still think though, why come all this way to not visit Cape Town, and then post photos of Cape Town on Facebook? I'm hoping he's making a sneaky surprise visit/party at one of the airport hangars. Airport hangar parties ROCK!

Hi Sean

If there is any new about Tiesto coming to cape town, is it possible for a e-mail please. I need ticket first, it is a dream to come tru. Please, please, please I need to know.
Thanx Amrie

Do you have the dates for the concert yet? And where can we get tickets? Please let me know asap..

March 19 2010 09:19 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Lizel

All the information is here:



cant wait :-) Tiesto is GOD

tickets aren’t for sale…you have to win them….what a let down!

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