60 Comments Tiesto in Johannesburg For The Smirnoff Experience Mashup Street Event On 15 May 2010

Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 15 Mar 2010

tiesto in concert

OMG I’m so upset! Here I was trying to use the power of The Secret to shift the planets to bring Tiesto to Cape Town and they take him to Joburg. I mean really, the BBC are even choosing Cape Town for 2010 because the Joburg skyline is too ugly!

Nevertheless, Joburg now have a chance to get back at me for all the things I say about them…so go ahead and brag in the comments if you want! You guys have won…for a day anyway. I get to stay here all year. Anyway all of that aside, let’s check the details (With my sad face on). And enjoy this…you cannot buy tickets, only win them. Crazy styles!:

It’s been to New York, Moscow, Paris and London, and now Smirnoff, the number one spirit brand in the world, is bringing Smirnoff Experience, MashUp Street to Johannesburg on 15 May 2010. Tickets can only be won, not bought, so visit on Wednesday to find out how to win.

smirnoff mashup street

Smirnoff Experience is fast becoming the world’s top collaboration platform.  The MashUp Street theme created for South Africa celebrates collaboration between South African street cultures and popular music genres to create a one-of-a-kind music experience.  The popular theme also extends to collaboration between fashion, food, art and even drinks.  Smirnoff Experience MashUp Street is a place where Kwaito vibes with Preppy, Afro funk hangs with Goth and Pop chills with House.

To cement the importance of collaboration, DJ Tiësto, voted the world’s number one DJ three years in a row, will be headlining the event and will collaborating with the very best of South African musical talent, all of which will be named closer to the time.   Tiësto is no stranger to combining different genres of music to create unique sounds; he has collaborated with artists as varied as Nelly Furtado, Sean Kingston and Flo-Rida.

“I feel deeply inspired by this year’s theme for the Smirnoff Experience because it evokes creativity and promotes relationships between genres that would not normally meet on stage.   I can guarantee that, like this year’s theme, people will experience something out of the ordinary.  I am very excited to play for a South African audience at Smirnoff Experience MashUp Street,” says Tiësto.

South Africa won the honour of hosting the Smirnoff Experience in a closely contested international campaign that involved 140 countries.

“We are really proud that South Africa was chosen to host Smirnoff Experience 2010.  Our unique Mash-Up Street theme is focused on creating platforms that inspire South Africans to push the boundaries to create new experiences and we believe that it was the uniqueness of this theme that placed us ahead of the other 140 countries that competed.  If you asked me what the one thing is that South African’s can expect from Smirnoff Experience 2010, I would say that it is going to be clearly original,” says Adrian Petersen, marketing manager for Smirnoff South Africa.

Besides the best international and local talent, concert goers will be treated to a sensory journey that showcases MashUp Street culture in its very finest form.  From the moment ticket holders enter MashUp Street, it will be clear that they are attending an international event that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tickets are limited to the 18-and-over market.

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18.  Drink Responsibly

So you better start booking flights!

And maybe pack some Ed Hardy gear. And a few lines of L-Glutamine to snort before the show.


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Steven Bett Website Reply

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JHB? Not a problem, where there’s a plane, there’s a way!

Thanks you Smirnoff, I am amped and I can’t wait.. How do I win Sean?? Tell me dude, tell me!

March 15 2010 12:54 pm Sean Lloyd Website

You'll have to wait until Wednesday...keep a check here and on the Smirnoff link in the article!

Don’t loose hope yet, there just might be a sneaky CT concert

Stacy Website Reply

niice :)

Going to be rad!!

Koko Website Reply

I also think there will be a CT concert. Tiesto has been giving hints on his Facebook group….I think there is hope for the mother city!!!!!

Last time he was only confirmed to play in JHB then at the last minute they organised a Cape Town show, I recon the same thing will happen again

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Yeah I’m sure he wouldn’t come all the way to SA…to not play in the raddest city in the world!

Yaseen Website Reply

Nooooooo!! It’s gona cost, but i’ll probably make the trip! One of the few reasons I miss JHB. The parties are freakin’ huge!!!

Seeya all there!!

Rian Website Reply

The bloody site has problems we cant enter for fucksakes !!! Fix it ASAP please smirnoff

Rian Website Reply

Come on anybody else having difficulty registering ?

March 17 2010 20:22 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Rian

Just registered now with no problems, where you getting stuck?


Yashvir Bagwandeen @luciddesignsa Website Reply

This should be mad! I’ll fly there from Durban in a heartbeat, I just hope he’s not busting out the Kaleidoscope beats!

Speechless….. I am waiting for my call

Noel Website Reply

Best news this year…

Ishreen Website Reply

It kinda sux that we cant even buy the tickets!!!

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Yeah it’s not ideal that tickets can’t be bought…to be honest I’m just waiting for them to say he’s surprising Cape Town :)

Ishreen Website Reply

Lets hope so sean! or we’ll just have to find a way to get that tickets and go to jhb ;) cant miss this

Ishreen Website Reply

Hey Sean,

The smirnoffexperience website said to increase your chances of winning you should interact with “Make Your Own MashUp”, “Rock the Vote” or the “Email MashUp Competition” section on the site. But I dont see any of them ! Any idea how to get to them????

March 19 2010 09:21 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Ishreen

I will try login now and check, haven't really been playing on it too much because it's not for Cape Town :( If anything comes up I will let you know :)


scotty Website Reply

Woo Hoo!!! Tiesto in SA. He’ll find the sunrise here in the Cape!!!

yo…how do you go about registering for the tiesto concert tickets?

March 19 2010 09:20 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Mo

All the details are here:

Kind regards


Vishaal Jasmat Website Reply

Totally totally totally cannot to be going to huge event.
Jhb,cpt,dbn heck even if he performed Ougadougou
I would go. We will all be searching for sunrise on the 15th!!
Whoop whoop

degree @dasis007 Reply

just dont cry when i won be happy

faye Website Reply

please bring tiesto to ct PLEASE

Mr k Website Reply

Tiesto!! guys please let me know if his going to make a stop in cape town if not and i win tickets im off to JOZI!!. cherzzz

March 19 2010 14:58 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Yo dude

He's not schedule for Cape Town at the moment so you'll have to make the trek to Jozi!

yushaa Website Reply


candice Website Reply

i love tiesto’s work!!! cant even explain how much!! neva seen him live will be my first i know it will be insane and a supa experience

Chantille Tapson Website Reply

I’m getting tickets. yayyyyyyy!!!!

Yolanda Website Reply

How will i know if i won the tickets?

March 24 2010 08:35 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Yolanda

Smirnoff will contact you, but you need to keep interacting on the site!

Kind regards


Melné Website Reply


Monica Website Reply

Sean, I need to get tickets pleezeee. I missed the last 2 concerts ‘cos of campus. I’d die if I didn’t get tickets this time!!!

March 27 2010 09:45 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Monica

The only way to get tickets is from the site unfortunately...can't do too much tickets wise this time! It's quite exclusive and in Joburg, not my territory :)


Christo Fabricius Website Reply

Love Tiesto…….& NEED TICKETS…will do anything!!!

Christo Fabricius Website Reply

I’ve been to two of Tiesto’s show’s it’s excellent & i believe the whole collaboration between Tiesto & Smirnoff is gonna be a powerfull & amazing experience!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!Thank Smirnoff & Tiesto for bringing this to Jozi……….YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matome Website Reply

guys i wana be there, but i need a ticket how much does it cost?

April 07 2010 14:33 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Matome

You gotta check out the website on the links in the article, all the details are there. You can't buy tickets unfortunately, you need to win them on the Smirnoff website :)


I bet It’s gonna rock and I need a ticket too!

Patrick Website Reply

This is going to be frikkin’ awesome. Can’t wait.

Patrick Website Reply

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed tickets

i think us cape town peeps should stand together and protest that he performs in Cape Town, what u say Sean???? ;)

April 14 2010 10:57 am Sean Lloyd Website

Ha ha, good idea but we'd need an army to get him here :) The thing is, the concert is free so Smirnoff have naturally built this concert into their marketing budget, and that's why they want us to interact on the site, so they get full exposure. If it were Tiesto coming here on his own tour, he'd definitely make a stop past here!

TiestoLickAss Website Reply

They should send him straight back from where he came ,Tiesto suck ,Paul Oakenfold is over the wall ,wtf ,South Africa pls wake up ,this is perfect for the commercial 18-21 kiddies today ,that doesn’t have enough money to by a bloody millers or a shot vodka for that matter!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tiesto hasss to come to cpt :( ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Name Website Reply

I keep getting links to porn please stop sending me that shit. How do i unsubscribe?

April 29 2010 03:03 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hey bud

Where are these links coming from? Websites get loads of spam, but I don't approve them obviously, and they should not be sent to you.

If you can send me more exact details on this, I'll get my web guys to check what the problem is.

Kind regards


Alison Website Reply


Will the concert be broadcasted live on the net?
I Live in Cape Town:(

May 12 2010 15:32 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hi Alison

No it won't be, the only people watching will be those there. It's going to be the craziest party of the year, pity it's not coming to Cape Town.


Name Website Reply

I get a whole rite up abt this adverts of adult website nd wt women nd me do. Please remove me 4rm this topic.

Name Website Reply

Men do*

May 14 2010 13:08 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey dude

Cool I'm going to have it checked out, it seems like the spam messages are going to you...and this should never happen. Will ask the guys, see what can be done, sorry for the hassles :)

jaco Website Reply

Where is the show going to be if anyone know

May 14 2010 13:07 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Jaco

I'm not too sure, I won't be there :( Anyone know?

Name Website Reply

Please remove my email address from this topic. Thank you.

May 16 2010 20:08 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Dude, got your message, the guys are going to look at it tomorrow.

As I say, it shouldn't be happening, but they'll sort something out.


Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey everyone

Sorry for all the spam messages coming through to your e-mails (For those subscribed), blogs get them all day and every day but I don’t approve them. Something in the code is faulty and it is being looked at as I type. So spam messages are reaching you.

We’ll have it sorted out soon :)

Thanks for your patience.


July 20 2010 15:14 pm mr k Website

Hi there Sean,

Kindly remove my email address from ths blog.


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