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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 26 Oct 2009

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I’m sure you know of Andre Harper. You don’t?

Mutters under breath…PLEBB…

Ok well this is what the website says:


It’s a Mystery for a Reason…

Andrew Harper is the pseudonym of a gentleman traveler who, frustrated by commercially driven travel coverage, began writing his own candid reviews of smaller, unique hotels. The Hideaway Report, which began as a small newsletter for friends and family, is now one of the most distinct voices in luxury travel. Impatient with pretension and skeptical of passing trends, Andrew Harper has an abiding passion for classic hospitality and refined service amid peaceful surroundings. He is on the road for several months each year, and hotels are his second home.

“The popular newsletter’s creator and editor in chief, whose real name is known but to God (and his wife), has paid his own way at thousands of hotels worldwide and published his impressions without fear or favor.” — Forbes

Anyway the writer has changed over the years but it’s still classic and Andrew Harper currently seems to be in Cape Town and I know this because I know everything in Cape Town and follow Andrew Harper on Twitter. Check his Tweets:

Harper Tweets

Ok. So maybe not ideal then! But I had to let you know anyway.

Click here for the Andrew Harper website.

Click here for Andrew Harper on Twitter.

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