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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 14 Jun 2011

walmart south africa

I don’t want to sit on the fence here, but I’m divided as to whether Wal Mart is a good thing. But if I absolutely must choose, I’d say yes to Wal Mart. It’s no different to any of the other power players in the market at the moment, and will never take away from the boutique shops that we choose to visit. Sure for the commercial, everyday stuff, we can go to a Wal Mart. But to me, it’s no different than going to Pick ‘n Pay or a Game or Makro store. And Game and Makro are part of Massmart. Walmart are acquiring stakes in Massmart. And Massmart also have Builders Warehouse in their portfolio. So before you complain about ‘conglomerates’, look at where you’re buying at the moment. Do you enjoy the savings? Of course you do.

People will still support the smaller markets, where you go for the experience. Pick ‘n Pay isn’t exactly an experience, and neither is Makro or Game. You’ll still go to farmers markets because you want to, and you’re still going to buy from the corner store because it’s convenient. You’ll still support that guy who sells the furniture out his house on the weekends. Because as cheap as Makro and Game and Walmart are, I still like a buying experience. Mass stores just don’t always appeal to me.

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Njabulo Website Reply

Personally I am not happy with the Wal Mart thing to come here in S.A because the the local companies that supply these stores that are going to be taken by Wal Mart are going to strungle that they will have to compete with these people and it will bring our S.A companies down and people will loose their jobs.

Tracy Gibson Website Reply

I am writing to you as a highly disaapointed customer of Builder warehouse Centurion South Africa.

1) I went into the store to purchase paint as i am re-painting my whole house bought a 20l bucket of paint that was a certain colour telling them i will need more and asking if this would be a problem they said not at all, only to go back a week later and be told they don’t have the colour.

When i asked what they could do i was told if they don’t have the colour what should they do and when speaking to a manager of the branch was given the exact same answer.

let me tell you what could be done the could call Plascon their supplier and see just how quick they could supply the needed colours OR try contacting another branch to see if I couldn’t get the colour elsewhere but no this is far too much effort.

I left and the had the colour I needed matched as close as possible this was never what I wanted I love the first colour i got and now all I wanted for my home has been taken away buy a company you now connect with Walmart
2) I sent a friend to go get ceiling board on Saturday as I only have a car I would need the board to be cut in half all this need was a Stanley knife something any shop the size of builders should have at their disposal.
Once again they said they could not cut the board so I went back with my own Stanley knife (and I’m a woman) only to find there was no one around to help so I once again had to go elsewhere .
How do you explain this service ????????????
I am horrified not even in our 3rd world country is this acceptable.

Tracy Gibson

I dont mind Walmart coming to South Africa only if you bring us first grade and quality goods. South African stores need to step up their game and stop complaining when they see competition. Healthy competition is great! If you provide great service and quality goods; I dont mind paying. Walmart; welcome to South Africa and I cant wait to see what you have to offer!!! :-)

Martin Website Reply

Walmart anytime, the service we get from South African stores are realy poor. Not even speaking about the cost.

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