0 Comments What happened to FTV Wednesdays?

Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 22 Aug 2008

We hit up FTV Cafe in Cape Town on Wednesday and had one beer, then left.


Because no one was there! Weird…I have not been in a while and never knew it had quietened down on a Wednesday. Normally it’s mental in there. Anyway, someone had a clever idea to hit Wadda. I wasn’t keen. We went anyway. They were closing.

Someone said Tin Roof. I pulled out my 9, and was about to shoot myself. I thought my life is too good to waste on Tin Roof. Anyway we went in.

Some chick comes over to us, thinking she will pull. The ground shook where she walked.

This week’s classic comment comes in. One of the crew:

“Man the harpoon gun!”

And I’m done. I now officially have about 5 friends, after the hate mail from my Smarties article. Oh well…I’m having an awesome time.

Have a great weekend.

Sean Lloyd


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