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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 18 Jun 2008

To those of you aware of Cape Town’s top schools, you will already know this. I just thought I should let you know that two of Cape Town’s top schools are playing each other this weekend. At Rondebosch Boys High School. Saturday at about 11am. Be there.

It’s an event that is filled with girls of all ages. I usually come right in the Pavilion once the game is over. Hand arounds, sandwiches, spit roasts etc. I always take a hip flask and by half time it looks as if I have been messing about in the scrum.

Rondebosch Boys High School have an awesome side this year and they will probably take Bishops to the cleaners. If I were a SACS boy I would be keeping a close eye on this game to try and get inside the Bosch players minds.

Although I guess the SACS boys are too busy trying to get into each other. Or they are too busy sucking each other off. Or putting sticks inside each other.

Shame SACS once again finds itself looking on like a rejected child thinking

“Damn I wish I was Rondebosch or Bishops!”

Shame. Remember SACS, people don’t forget!

For last years write up before the game (Granted it was the last Bosch/ Bishops game of the year, the big one) then please click HERE.

And for the alcohol fuelled write up after the game, please click HERE.

Sean Lloyd



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CharlieV @ Reply

Its gonna be a corker! Get th OB’s out, slam on some gum boots and lets get H H H H Hammered!

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