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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 08 Jun 2011

So we won’t even get onto how weird Terry Richardson is. We just know he is. This is Terry at work on the Pirelli Calendar:

terry richardson pirelli calendar models

And here he is having lunch at work:

terry richardson banana

Then I spotted this coffee table book in the latest GQ South Africa, and we have another guy who people give money to in order for him to take photos of beautiful woman completely naked. His name is Frank De Mulder and this is the cover of his new book:

frank de mulder pure book cover

While I’m sure he’ll go to great lengths to explain it’s all about art, and lighting, and beauty…we all really know he just wanted to be paid to live the dream. Here is a video for his new book, Pure. Kinds, take what you can from this video. There are no doubt some hidden messages in it, leading you towards a path of decadence and wealth, all the while overloading your wank bank with goodness.

PURE by FRANK DE MULDER from frank de mulder photographer on Vimeo.

Did we learn something today? Well great!

Class dismissed.

*Picks up camera and runs out door screaming*


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So basically its cool and trendy to have porn on your coffee table. Rad, where do I sign up?

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

It seems you just need a camera and you can start shooting! We’ll do a casting call soon ha ha.

And not that I was looking, well I was in the interests of research, but it is available here:

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