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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 30 May 2011

So yeah, the survey takes about 30min, depending on how drunk or tired you are.

I don’t suggest doing it on any other drugs, because it will freak you out when you realise how poor you are. Like when it says what is your salary, and there is an option for like 500k+ a month.

Honestly, who earns that?

Oh, sorry Government officials and the lottery. Well I suppose there is a difference between earning it and stealing it from the public. But yeah, do the survey and win stuff.
And please note how they have spelled ‘Daniel Hechter’, it is now ‘Daniel Huchter’ if I remember correctly from the survey form. And also enjoy this, excellent customer service is apparently ‘problematic’:

customer service survey

But whatever, you can win iPads and a new car, woo hoo!

Click here to waste 30min of your time. Well actually your boss’ times. Stick it to the man!

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