2 Comments Vintage Mainstay Adverts: The Glory Days

Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 28 Apr 2011

Hey, don’t you miss those days? Where advertising people didn’t think they were hot shit on cocaine binges, where they knew their product was awesome, and they knew the lifestyle you wanted to live. I mean, back in the days everyone just dreamed of drinking and sex. So not much has changed then. I demand we go back to the old days of adverts, where they were ridiculously long, and we just listened to whatever was said. Things were so much simpler back then, you drank, you smoked, your Doctor even smoked and no one cared. You did as you pleased and everyone was a rock star, because that’s how men were made back then. You wore Ray Ban Aviators not to make a statement, but because they were the only men’s sunglasses you could buy. You wore Old Spice because there was nothing else to wear. This is a throwback to the days where everyone lived the dream:

And everything was done in slow motion. I want those days back.

Mind you, Mainstay adverts are pretty much the same these days:

Now that’s a brand that knows what winning is all about!

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phr0ggi Website Reply

You know what I miss? Those ridiculous smoking commercials, especially the Peter Stuyvesant ones:

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Dude those were epic, shot for the reminder! I need to make a mention of those, they are actually so ridiculous. To think, those actually made people want to smoke, ha ha

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