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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 21 Apr 2011

There is just something about putting on a leather jacket that makes you feel like a damn rock star. Maybe it’s because of the price you pay for it, maybe it’s because rock stars wear them, or maybe it’s just because they fit so well into your daily life. I’d stick to black, and never, ever, ever let me see you wearing a baggy leather jacket. I’ll write my car off to drive over you. Sofia Vergara is killing it here in a leather jacket, jeggings and boots, a very sexy and classy look! So ladies, you know what looks good this winter, now just take that credit card right into the danger zone:

sofia vergara leather jacket

HOWZIT! (Image Via)

And then there is Jared Followill, seen here in a timeless look of grey t-shirt, leather jacket and a pair of Wayfarers hanging from his shirt:

jared followill leather jacket

Cool look (Minus the Kanye shades) — (Image Via)

jared followill leather jacket 1

Knock this together with a pair of denims and leather boots, and I think you might just get a few double takes, from that girl you like, in that store you intentionally walk past in the Waterfront.

If you’re getting leather boots this season, avoid the ones from Country Road. Make no mistake, they are awesome, and at R1200, they’re well priced. But too many of them have leather soles, and trust me, it is impossible to walk in the rain in these. You need rubber soles, and you also need thin soles. Caterpillar boots? Not cool. Have a look at the boots from Country Road, and then try find similar ones, with rubber soles.

If you nail these essentials down, it’s going to be an awesome winter.


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phr0ggi Website Reply

When it comes to leather jackets for guys only one look will do: black, tailored blazer with phantom waist pockets and no breast pocket, and made from a single hide of calfskin.
Think Al Pacino in “Serpico” or John Travolta in “Get Shorty”.

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