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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 05 Apr 2011

I was supposed to attend the press conference before the guys left, which I was unable to attend because of work (When are we winning the lottery?), but we’ll keep you updates on the journey that Riaan and Dan are taking in their kayak.

The pair have been going for around three weeks now, and are battling against some extremes out their in their ‘office’ Think of them next time you moan that ‘It’s getting chilly in Cape Town’
You have no idea what chilly is until you’re Dan and Riaan, who can literally say they are freezing, with the temperature rolling in at around minus 5 degrees celsius.

Mark von Bontheim had this to say:

“Riaan continues to show the unwavering commitment, strength of character and adventurous spirit that is at the essence of the Windhoek brand. He is doing us proud as our brand ambassador.”

Riaan commented about his partner who has Cerebral Palsy: “Dan struggled in the beginning to get into a rhythm. He was lame with fatigue…but he is tougher than what he makes out.” Dan admits that although he is getting tougher, the trip thus far has been tougher than he initially imagined and that it is taking its toll on him physically and emotionally. He acknowledges that he could not have come thus far without Riaan.

So this is basically where they stand at the moment (As of yesterday’s news briefing)

Days completed: 6/7 days
Last terrain covered: From Blikalon to Raufarhofn (North East Iceland)
Distance covered thus far: 130km
Total trip distance to be covered: 4670km

Let’s have a look what it’s really like out there:

Not ideal! Good luck to Riaan and Dan, we’ll keep you updates on their progress.


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Alex Website Reply

Go you biscuits !! Vat Hom Fluffy !!

I reckon these two okes deserve all the encouragement and accolades that can be bestowed on conquering heroes ! . So many of us “able bodied ” people are either too chicken sh*t or just plain SLL ( Sick ( in the head ) Lame ( in the brain ) and Lazy ( in life ) , that we would never even consider such a challenge , let alone actually going through the motion of dragging our nuts through a frikken glacier , all the while encumbered with a debilitating illness.

Riaan , is for me , the epitome of a true “Big Brother” and is a boetie I would cherish and honour to have as my chommie !…Dan , what does one say about a person who fights against the odds ?……..GLADIATOR !!!

Keep on paddling , maatjies….YOU CAN DO IT !!

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