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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 05 Apr 2011

You’ll remember a while back we mentioned David Sessions, you know, before he went overseas. So he finished school, moved overseas, and while most people his age go to London and live in squalor, eating McDonalds, drinking beer and going more white while their teeth go buttery shades of yellow, David has emerged better…but not bigger.

david sessions

David — Showing you how Facebook profile photos are done

David’s story is one that you read and think ‘Well that’s really well written, nice marketing agency doing his stuff’, but it’s all true. I’ve known about him since the beginning, as he mixes in the circles of friends of mine. He started shooting modeling portfolios for class mates and soon enough, modeling agencies were asking the models who was producing such quality photos. BOSS models soon signed him up, at only 18 years old.

He then decided to move to London, and was soon signed up on an exclusive contract with Elite Models.

(At David’s age, I was on my SECOND gap year basically sunning myself at Kelvin Grove most days, ha ha)

Naturally I’m not that interested in all these details, I just want to know who he’s seen! Like, is Kate Moss awesome looking in real life?

Anyways, David has shot a whole host of famousness, including:

Eleanor Gecks who is famous for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

International model Tess Montgomery

Popular British band Murkage.

Greg Carlin from Zebra & Giraffe, and he also shot the album cover for South African band, White Collar Kiss.

But most importantly, David has shot Keeley Hazell! If you read, The Superficial or Egotastic, or all of those (*ahem*), you will know Keeley Hazell. She has an extremely rare condition, where she is allergic to wearing a top. It’s amazing!

keeley hazell topless beach

Clothing — Not readily available to the English

So that’s where David is at at the moment. I will do no further updates on him as my envious nature will no doubt turn me into a shade of green most remniscent of the Incredible Hulk.

For more information, check out his Facebook group HERE.

David Sessions will be in Cape Town during April, September, October and November 2011, and is available for bookings.


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you forgot to mention the awesome make up artist he works with on a regular basis ;) disco disco

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