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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 Apr 2010

Apologies for that headline, that is horrendous.

Anyway for a few seconds a couple of years back I suffered from guilt for not supporting local clothing designers. My main problem was, and still is, quality and pricing. And this is bad because I realise that clothing makers producing things on a small scale here need to charge fairly high prices to make any money.

But when I’m dropping cash, I want my clothing to last. And personally, I’d rather buy something that is cheaper and of higher quality. Country Road is KILLING IT at the moment! I’m basically dressed by them at the moment, busy breaking in a pair of raw denim Country Road jeans.

We’ll grab the jacket later in the week.

Anyway, another reason for not going local is the crap like this…the penis shoe.


Seriously, who is going to wear those?

Apparently this shoe was unveiled at the Joburg Art Fair (Oh it’s art! Oh look at me I’m so arty, there is a shlong on my shoe! I’m so alternative! I’m so creative! There is coke all over my face!)

Do you see me wearing a vag on my shoes? No, exactly, who does this?

I mean REALLY? Are you guys serious? And GQ print this?

Come on guys, let’s get up to international standards. And GQ…you print this stuff under ‘Fashion News’

Who’s in bed with who here?

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