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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 24 Nov 2009

Green iPod shuffle 2GB

With sunglasses, a book and a tea light candle for size perspective (That’s what she said)

You know how when you see a sale in a shop, and you don’t really have money, but the stuff is on sale so you buy it anyway, even if on credit? Well the new iPod shuffle is going to become one of those buys. At only R599 for a 2GB shuffle that holds around 500 songs, it’s one of those purchases that just needs to happen, especially when you see the new shuffle.

Firstly, there are no controls on the body of the iPod, it’s simply a little casing, and the controls are located on the earphone cable. Very clever on Apples part, because now you need to buy replacement cables from Apple. Very smart! So one the cable there is this little button, as seen above.

Press the top piece to increase the volume, the bottom to decrease it. Click the centre once to pause, twice to go to the next song and three times to go to the previous song. It’s insane! At first I thought this new cable control was going to be a huge mission, but it’s actually better than the previous shuffle.

Another awesome new feature is the voice over so it can tell you what song is playing, but more importantly you can turn the shuffle off and then on quickly again and a voice tells you how much battery power is left. Genius! It’s half the size of my “F U” finger, holds 500 songs, costs R599 and is simply stunning to look at!

I’ve previously owned regular iPods which are great, but for sports the iPod Shuffle is a winner. It’s small and hassle free, and the cool thing is if you break it/lose it it doesn’t cost a fortune. Obviously regular iPods are cool for taking loads of music everywhere and organising sick playlists and storing dirty photos and things, but the iPod shuffle is awesome.

Thumbs Up:

Affordable for everyone.

Small, easy to carry.

New buttons on the earphone cable make things really simple, especially during exercise.

It’s from Apple!

Thumbs Down:

You can only buy new earphones from Apple.

With it’s size, it’s easy to leave in a pocket that will end up in the wash…

An all round quality buy though, it keeps me happy. In my pants.

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