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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 25 Jun 2009

I’m cruising down the walkway in Canal Walk the other day very The Verve urban London style (Skinny, converse, hoody, light wool jersey) and I honestly see some chick going MENTAL at her boyfriend. The whole stage show, crying, walking away, him following her, her pushing him, her stopping, her grabbing herself with her arms, head down, he leans in for the hug, she realises she’s been cooked in the skull and she let’s him hug her, but keeps her arms to herself.

No doubt our boy was buying roses and chocolates later…what a waste of money just for a shopping trip!

Then I realised bad moods have become more widespread and it can only be put down to SAD, which I myself tend to suffer from (No jokes…even heroes falter)

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and comes about in otherwise mentally healthy people during the dark months, year after year. People experience serious mood changes, sleep to much, have little energy and crave sweet and starchy foods.

Fortunately for me I can sleep as much as I want and don’t need tremendous amounts of energy for chilling and palying TV games. Success!

But seriously, SAD is a real affliction and you probably know a load of people with it.  You don’t need to be shy to admit it! Go on…you’re in a safe place.

There is a whole piece HERE on Wi…wik…Wikipedia!

It’s real and it can affect anyone, don’t despair. The sun will come out and we’ll all touch each other highly inapproppriately!

Just know that I love you, and that is all you need.

Just DON’T eat anything to combat the blues! Summer will come along and my people won’t allow me to talk to you.

Sean Lloyd


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