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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 25 Jun 2009

If you’re old enough to remember Green Man (When it was in it’s old spot near Boardmans), Conti’s, Blink and Billy’s, not to mention Taboo!, then you are in for a treat this weekend.

Crisis, remember Conti’s? Memories of fishbowls, and THAT steep staircase that I always used to fall down! And at Blink, do you remember the beach parties? I still clearly remember taking a piss at the downstairs toilets (There were two next to each other) and my mate Jerry was in the toilet next to me, and he thought it would be awesome to throw a beer bottle into my cubicle, breaking it all around me. Awesome!

I used to get bounced from Blink, and immediately turn around, go to the back of the queue and wait again. Sometimes I’d do that for about two hours until eventually out of frustration they just let me in. And then there were the cop raids… my word!

Then there were pre-drinks for Taboo at the graveyard opposite where Virgin Active used to be (Whoopsie!)  and then the actual Taboo. Cheap as philth drinks, vomiting, birds…it had it all!

The Wadda party was originally conceived as a 10 year re-union for matrics of 1999 but it has now been extended to all of the old guard of Claremont and to all thge matriculants since from the ‘burbs as a sort of gathering and to recall war stories.

wadda party

Ten years down the line is a lot of boozing and the guys will be no doubt all be sporting retirement annuities and taking baby aspirin to prevent heart attacks, but the old school soul will still be there as well as stories of lives lived to the excess. Some of the okes will still be trying to hook up with the 16 year old school dolls, but hey…some things never change!

The back to school party takes place this Saturday, 27 June 2009. It starts at 8pm and entrance is R30.


(Jungle is massive)

Sean Lloyd



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Skateboard J @ Website Reply

Jesus cant even remember this must have been sober!

ClayOne @ Reply

I had my skull cracked at Contis.Great farking stories man.

Robbie @ Reply

I went to this on saturday night and WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT!!!!
No one was there???

Sean Lloyd – I dont know if you organized this, but whoever it was did a really BAD job.
It was a good concept but ruined by terrible organization!!!!

What a absolute waste of time! I will NEVER go back to Wadda. Thank god for Tiger!!!

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

Hey Robbie

Yeah just to put it out there I wasn’t involved in any way!

I just featured it as a good idea because I grew up in the days of those old clubs and they were awesome…But I’ll admit I wasn’t there on Saturday, was watching Clerks 2.

As this wasn’t my event I can’t really take any responsibility, really sorry that it was shit though!

But…dude drop me an e-mail at seanl (at) slxs (dot) co (dot) za and I’ll send something along anyway to make up for the shitness. Don’t forget the “l” in “seanl” for my e-mail address.

Just drop your name and an address where you can receive things during regular daytime hours and I’ll organise…

And yeah, lucky for Tiger with a side or large side of 91!


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