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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 27 May 2009

Ha! How ironic would it be if Virgin bought Playboy? Hilarious.

But really, this is quite sad news because according to reports (Source), Hugh Hefner may consider selling Playboy to Virgin. The brand that Hugh built has not been doing so well, no doubt to advertiser cut backs, but also due to the nature and scope of porn available on the internet. When Playboy started in the 50’s, the internet was not around, but now we can find everything we want online.

Hugh really is a legend and even though Playboy may not run under his throne anymore, it will continue to be a defining point in history. From his flamboyant, hedonistic lifestyle at The Mansion which has inspired many (Myself included), to more recently The Girls Next Door.

hugh hefner salmon shirt

The Hef can and will wear salmon!

Hef started Playboy some 56 years ago and may sell it for $300 million.

It’ll be sad to see Hugh sell as he’s been inspiration for generations of players! But when you look around and see people living the dream lavishly, you’ll know that they have Hugh as inspiration and so Playboy will always be around us.He’s a founding father of excess, and whatever happens, he’s still the man!

Sean Lloyd


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