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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 23 Mar 2009

Great success! We managed to get nominated for “Best Post on a South African blog”

Now we need to vote so I can win and carry on writing such pieces:

So we can carry on living the dream and being ridiculous, vain, shallow and most importantly…superficial! Click below to vote, then once you get to the SA Blog Awards page, you need to scroll down, enter your e-mail address and an anti spam code and click “Submit”. When this is done, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail, click the link on that and it’s all done!

Vote for this Blog

Yeah! Do it do it!

I can’t keep up this ridiculous workload (Ha!) without any recognition can I? No I can’t! And we especially can’t be writing such rude articles anymore if we are not award winners.

I really need this for my emotional state.

Thanks guys and girls.

Sean Lloyd


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