0 Comments Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008: DON’T bring your dogs!

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 28 Jul 2008

While I was relaxing at the Red Bull Big Wave Africa, I had some absolute tool in front of me, taking photos. He was there with his  dog that was about to drive me to drink. Which it did.


Please enjoy tit wearing his blue top and his psycho dog

I was busy eating, and his retarded alsation kept on coming up and trying to steal my food, then it tried to dig in my bag and it was just being like an ADD child the whole day. Not for one second did it’s  owner think to actually keep any control over it. He just let it run amok while he snapped photos.

Every single thing this guy did amazed me. He was there, presumably with his child, and the kid got in the way of the camera or something, so he just starts pushing the kid out of the way. Way to treat a kid, champ.

Eventually his dog started getting seriously crazy, and nearly attacked a child walking past. Then randomly, the dog would lash out at people walking past, not biting them, but going a bit mental.


Eating it’s own foot. Clever.

If you can’t control your dog dude, stay home.

Do you realise what an idiot you are? It’s like people who take their kids to church, and they just make a scene the whole time. It’s stupid and retarded and these sorts of people should be put down. Because if you are born with one tenth of a brain then you really don’t deserve even one square metre on the planet.

Sean Lloyd


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