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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 22 Jul 2008

Four things consume my weekends:

1) Shagging supermodels

2) Drinking alcohol

3) Staying in luxury accommodation

4) Dancing

Saturday Night Fever

Sean Lloyd: Wednesday Nights: FTV Bar Cape Town

And so I didn’t have too much time to read the newspaper this weekend, but my Butler, Barton (More on him later) delivered me the weekends papers today, Monday 21 July 2008 and insisted I read them. I insisted he bring me a bottle of wine (Which I later spilled on the carpet) while I go about my job of writing and inspiring the Cape Town masses.

I was fairly bored with the news as I actually had no interest in anything in this country if it didn’t have something to do with luxury and excess.

I ended up meandering to page 13 of the Weekend Argus where I cracked wood because there was an article that had blood rushing from my overworked brain directly to my Jack Johnson, which produced a magnificent bone.

I stumbled upon an article entitled “Clubbers combat climate change” with a byline of “Dance floor to generate electricity”

To quote:

“Cape Town clubbers will soon be doing their bit to save the environment by dancing the night away in the world’s second multi-million rand eco-friendly club”

“A ’sustainable’ club will open in the city in September”

“The vibrations caused by dancing bounce off springs in the dance floor into a series of power generating blocks. Through a process known as piezoelectricity, the blocks, which are made of crystals, produce an electric current when squashed.”

The man behind these clubs, which are known as Club4Climate, estimated that if clubbers were to dance vigorously all night, the dance floor could supply about 60% of the club’s electricity needs.

It’s quite a radical idea and personally, I’m amped for it.

The club’s water requirements will be harvested rain water, and instead of a dress code to enter the club, party goers will be required to sign a pledge at the door to help save the environment and fight global warming. The club will also include waterless urinals, solar panels and wind turbines.

Apparently the club will cost more than R60 million to set up.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think this will combat global warming at all. I have been known to heat up to over five times the natural human body temperature whilst dancing. Some people call me the “Sun God” while dancing and I have been known to raise the temperatures of the females in the club to such an extent that they douse themselves in Smirnoff Spin. Some even believe old age is coming on and complain of hot flushes.

Don’t blame me, hater.

The reason most people don’t recognise me in night clubs is because I am sometimes mistaken for John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

And the rumour that I have banged 100 runway models in Cape Town?

It’s not a rumour.

But I really believe in this idea and I’m really excited for it to come to Cape Town. I think it’s brilliant that Cape Town is heading on the eco-friendly direction. I personally, even though I am excessive, believe in recycling and helping the environment because Cape Town is running out of landfill space, and the planet is in Dire States (Excuse me, I was listening to Dire Straits on DVD)

I’m hectically excited to try out this club when it opens in Cape Town, and no doubt SLXS will be the first to try it out. I guarantee I can produce as much energy in an hour as Koeberg would produce in a week.

I’m that smoking hot.

I’m really impressed though that Cape Town is seen as a destination for projects like these, as it is something that I am passionate abou, and pretty much recycle anything I can in my house. More on that later…

Sean Lloyd


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