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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 21 Jul 2008

Firstly…if you place an order with Fitfuel (Until the end of July), mention SLXS in the comments field and you will receive a free protein bar (Not a protein shot…you are SO naughty!)

Do you want me to spank you my sweet cheeks?

You do?!

Get over here!

Mmmmm lacy lingerie…

Anyway…and more importantly…I was meaning to post this a while back but then it slipped my mind because I was too busy trying to think of what’s her name from the previous night. Then it slipped further into the dark abyss of my fragile mind as people kept on sending me free gifts, alcohol being one of them.

Liquor Ranch gave us enough booze to sink the Titanic for our birthday, and instead of sinking a cruise liner, it’s quite evident we sank ourselves! I can’t remember much of the past two months but from reports it has been a cracker. Sophie won’t stop calling me and it’s evident we have another stage 5 clinger. Abort mission! Assume the foetal position! GET OUT!

So what I was meaning to tell you is that we are giving away a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for our first birthday which was actually on the…Um…I think it was in May actually. And I tell you what, it’s magical stuff! It’s probably around R300 a bottle, R350, I don’t know, it’s not like I pay for it! My body usually rids itself of one bottle at least twice a week. I can’t help that I get given free booze! It’s a side effect of the lifestyle I suppose. In fact it’s more of a side benefit!


Veuve Clicquot: In and around your mouth 

Ok…and I know this might seem like I’m a bit of an idiot, and that I love women…

But…this competition is not actually open to guys. And it’s only open to women in Cape Town. We will have a competition later for guys and we will give away something manly. Like a beer keg. I’m serious. We will. Have I ever lied to you?

For now what we need is for the women to be wide awake. What you need to do is write the words “Happy birthday SLXS” anywhere on your body. We are not judging. If you want to write it on your boobies, or your bum (Front bum included), then so be it. Then take a photo of this, and we will pick our favourite photo and publish it here on SLXS (We won’t mention your name, if you so desire), so do keep that in mind.
What’s more, is that I, accompanied by my partner in crime, Charlie V, will hand deliver the gift, TO YOUR DOOR! I’m not joking. Even more astonishing is that we will deliver it to your work if that is what you desire.

Come on…a bottle of the bubbly(We will throw in a pack of USN Energy Spike to mix it with), two Cape Town guys, and hand delivery(Uh…of the booze). Which means you will get to meet the team behind SLXS. The masters of party. The masters of excess. See what makes us tick. Get inside our minds. See if we really have day jobs. See if we are real. Feel my razor sharp cheekbones. Many chicks would vomit up a Caesar salad for an opportunity like this.

So that is it girls. Get your entries in! You have two weeks so entries close on about the 4th of August.

See you on the town.

Oh yes…just touch it.


Touch it.


You’re beautiful.

Sean Lloyd



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Shane @ Website Reply

I’m looking forward to this…can you not put flyers around Clifton advertising the competition?

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

That’s actually a good idea! Or just the general Camps Bay Strip. I’m going to spread the word on Facebook as well, see how many angels we can get involved.

Will sort the beer out as well for the guys…probably like a 20 litre keg or something chilled like that.

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