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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 17 Jul 2008

Ok so what happened last night was that I decided to be good and actually, for once in my life, try to be productive and get some work done. I had poured some wine, cooked some food and was busy writing when I got a call from none other than Andy B!

I chatted to him and he asked what I was doing. Obviously I make out as though I live excessively every night of the week so I said that I was just having a pants party, and that there were 5 angels waiting in a bubble bath with the Veuve we are about to give away.

He said that sounded cool, but he had something better. He had guest list and VIP access for us at Hemisphere.

“Sweet, I’ll tell these chicks to dry off and wait for sugar daddy while he hits Hemisphere”

So I left all the birds at home, and told them they could go wild on the booze, play TV games, smother each other in gravy and whatever else it is that they like to do.

I musked up with some Armani Black Code, put on my blue suede shoes and got into the VR3 for some heart pounding speed.

I sent it the whole way to the Cape Town city centre where I had to go the the 31st floor of the ABSA building, which is where Hemisphere finds itself perched.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I will tell you that the bathrooms are sharp. Everytime you wash your hands, you get a fresh towel. Like, they must go through a kazillion (Give or take a few) towels every night.

They also have this cool thing on the slips, where it says “Take the lift not the window”

Being 31 floors up, the last thing you want to do is fall and break your collarbone, or chip a nail, and then still have to drive the Aston Martin home.


Pistol Pete also had himself talking to a girl of sorts, so I took a photo as evidence that he actually doesn’t get pre-race nerves. He was holding a proper conversation. She didn’t like me taking photos of her though, as can be seen:


I like them mean. Makes taming them a greater challenge.

They also serve Skyy vodka (Inside me) which is a change from Russian Bull Terrier.

On our way out we decided on a little impromptu photo shoot on the Aston Martin. God we gave it a good rev. Those pistons pump. It rides like a sweet dream.

And next week we will chat about the car…


Sometimes it’s tough leading my lifestyle.



Ooooh another angel. I hate my life.

Check out the Hemisphere website HERE.

Sean Lloyd



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Shane @ Website Reply

I want to find out where those legs end. Shaun, if you know the answer to that question I’m so jealous.

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

I actually don’t, unfortunately! I said “I want to know how your engine works” and OBVIOUSLY I was talking to the car, and she thought I was talking to her, the slap across my face came out and then I just went home and cried myself to sleep…sigh…

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